Cardano is gearing up for 300% growth with Chang’s anticipated upgrade

Cardano is gearing up for 300% growth with Chang’s anticipated upgrade

In the ever-expanding digital cryptocurrency theater, Cardano is the main attraction, constantly touting bullish predictions from pragmatic cryptocurrency analysts. It is worth noting that one such analyst, tweeting under the pseudonym @Av_Sebastian on the X platform (formerly known as Twitter), posits that Cardano’s price could rise to $2. The impetus behind this prediction? Chang update expected, seismic record in crypto calendar.

In a letter sent via X, the insightful crypto expert openly touted Cardano’s lucrative potential, predicting explosive growth of 300%. The source of this excitement, Sebastian explained, is the imminent Cardano hard fork, a topic causing quite a stir among the crypto community.

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Referring to Cardano’s record, Sebastian highlighted the upward trajectory that the ADA price usually follows following network modernization. A particular example is the clear anticipation of an Alonzo hard fork in 2021, an upgrade that caused the price of ADA to skyrocket.

Things took a dramatic turn when the Alonzo hard fork occurred, enabling the use of smart contracts on the network. This critical development contributed to the spread of DeFi – decentralized finance – and resulted in an influx of new users of the Cardano network. This migratory wave has ignited a new fervor for blockchain’s limitless potential.

It is worth paying attention to the historical behavior of prices in the period preceding the Alonzo hard fork. The price of ADA rose from a modest $0.2 to an all-time high of $3.1, a remarkable 30-fold increase in a year. Echoing this story, Sebastian sketched a similar trajectory for ADA after its anticipated modernization.

Chang’s upcoming modernization, scheduled for full completion in August, really shows the potential to lead this trend, suggests Sebastian. As such, a 370% increase to $2 per ADA is projected, with the key timeframe set for the last summer month, which is an encouraging forecast for just two months away.

In terms of details, the Cardano blockchain will see node upgrades in June, with the goal of achieving full upgrade across all nodes by August. At this point, Chang would be live and likely ready to usher in a new era of stellar ADA price performance.

Already gaining a foothold, Cardano Chang’s upgrade is starting to attract investor attention. The update is expected to give users greater control over network management, bringing significant improvements that will radically redefine network operation. From an advanced management system, budget and annual budgets to improved support, changing your perspective can be a game changer.

Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson also expressed his support for the upcoming update, calling it transformative for ADA. Once implemented, all Cardano nodes will migrate to version 9.0, provided that a minimum of 70% of all node operators agree to adopt this newer version. On the current timeline, observers expect this ambitious update to reach full form in August 2024.

For now, however, ADA’s price wings remain unchanged – a surprising calm before the speculative storm. The altcoin is holding steady at $0.4254, documenting a marginal decline of 7.78% over the past seven days, much to the disappointment of ardent observers as the market awaits the upcoming update.