Did any of the artists receive the AGT Golden Buzzer in “Auditions 6”? (LIVE BLOG) – GoldDerby

Did any of the artists receive the AGT Golden Buzzer in “Auditions 6”? (LIVE BLOG) – GoldDerby

“America’s Got Talent” Season 19 continued Tuesday, July 9 with another two-hour episode of the first round of auditions. Once again, this year’s hopefuls are judged by an executive producer Simon Cowell at one end of the podium and Howie Mandel on the other hand. They sit in the middle Heidi Klum AND Sofia VergaraWith Terry Crews on stage as a lively host.

In the audition phase of “AGT,” a performance must receive “yes” votes from at least three of the four judges to advance to the next round. If two or more judges vote for a performance, it is immediately eliminated. For the first time, each judge has not one, but two chances to press the “golden button” and send the act straight into the live shows. Terry had one chance of his own, with nine acts in total, which will earn him a special path to the final phase of the competition.

In the May 28 episode of “Auditions 1”, Terry used a gold button on the comedian Find out more Jonasi from Zimbabwe and Heidi used her first of two on the 55-year-old singer Richard Goodall.

In the June 4 episode of “Auditions 2,” we got a closer look at each judge’s decision to award two Golden Buttons when they first sent a singer Liv Warfield through and after that I couldn’t resist sending the drone artists Elements of the sky also by.

On the June 11th show “Auditions 3”, Sofia expressed her support for the Argentine dance group Legion after a thrilling show involving burning shoes.

On the June 25 episode of “Auditions 4,” Howie used his first Gold Button to send an Australian dance group Brent Street to live performances.

On July 2nd’s “Auditions 5”, Heidi used her second Golden Button on the 9-year-old powerhouse singer Pranysqa Mishra.

Below, check out our minute-by-minute recap of America’s Got Talent Season 19, Episode 5 to find out what happened on Tuesday, July 9 at 8:00 PM ET/PT. Then, be sure to let us know in the comments section what your favorite performances are from the long-running NBC reality show and who you think will ultimately join the AGT champions.

20:02 -The night began with an act of danger Full steel fight and their medieval knights fight (in full armor) live on stage. Although the judges were ready for a few “risk takers,” it took only a few seconds for all four to press their red X buttons, refusing to perform. They were followed by a more impressive Super Silva Jr from Brazil, who performed from the rafters of a theatre stage. Sofia said it was “so scary” and “so exciting” and that she enjoyed every second of it. Howie liked that it combined the “grace” of aerial acrobatics with danger, and Heidi called it “nerve-wracking” in a good way. Simon admitted that he was “not a huge fan” of this type of performance, but his “showmanship makes it different.” Despite Simon’s apparent hesitation, he joined the other three judges in casting a “yes” vote to advance.

20:12 – Singer Alex Sampson from Canada brought some nerves and an original song called “Pretty Baby” to the stage for his audition. Sofia didn’t think he seemed nervous when he started singing and called his performance “really cool.” Heidi could hear the nerves but thought they made him “more real.” Howie loved his voice because it had a retro feel to it that he felt didn’t exist these days, and Simon agreed that it was a song that “could have been written in the ’50s or ’60s” and that he “really, really, really enjoyed” the audition. Alex easily made it to the next round with a unanimous “yes” vote.

20:24 – 51-person dance crew Ghost has members aged between 9 and 25, and they hope to prove to their parents that they can achieve greatness with their talent. Heidi thought it was “pretty impressive” when all the members were on stage at once and stayed in formation. Sofia liked that it “felt like it was on the street” and “raw”, but Howie admitted that “the bar for dancing is really high” and he “expected more”. Simon again sided with the audience for the judges, calling it “brilliant” and comparing their audition to “a great advert”. Heidi, Sofia and Simon all said “yes” to the group, which was enough to override Howie’s “no” and allow them to go through.

20:35 – Some of the artists who failed to pass the audition with enough “yes” votes were comedians Funny Santa Claussound healer Ry the Healerdancing cow Kalina Moolinaand singer/artist Missy Galore because enough judges decided their actions were not worth winning a million dollars.

20:46 – Finnish artist who practices hobby horses Ada Filppa he tried to turn the tables by promising to show the judges “something they’ve (never) seen” and claiming to be “the number one in the world.” Howie knew about the horsing hobby, but Heidi and Sofia were completely surprised to discover that Ada’s performance was something well-known. Sofia called it “nonsense,” but Howie urged everyone to take it seriously. Simon appreciated that Ada had shown something they’d never seen before, but said no to the performance anyway. Heidi and Sofia also stuck to their “no” votes, so Ada was eliminated 3-1.

20:56 – 14 years old Reid Wilson from Alabama was living out his dream performing “You Don’t Own Me.” Heidi called him “absolutely amazing” and liked the stage presence and confidence he showed. Sofia agreed, and Simon noted that he was able to close his eyes and forget that he was a young kid singing like he was. Howie finished by commenting that he was “amazed” by his voice at that age. Since Reid was able to surprise Howie, Howie thought it would mean something if he helped fulfill Reid’s dreams with the surprise of his second Golden Buzzer!

21:08 – Then there was Praveen Prajapat with a thousand-year-old Indian balancing act that the judges had never seen before. Howie exclaimed that it was feats like this that made the show special, Heidi said she liked that he brought a “little bit of flavour” of India to the show, and Sofia added that what he was doing was “so hard” and called it “one of the most amazing feats”. Simon agreed that it was “pretty amazing” but wasn’t sure what he could do next. Even when Praveen promised to up the wow factor, Simon maintained a “no” vote, while the other three judges joined in with a “yes” to ensure Praveen would go through.

21:20 – Disappointed by the industry’s difficult struggle for recognition, B. Thompson He almost gave up before he decided to bring his musical talent to AGT. Sofia called his performance “so sexy” and told him he “looked amazing” on their stage. Howie said he could “see it on the big stage” and called him “so natural.” Heidi wasn’t as “crazy about it” as the other judges, but she still “liked it.” Simon was “torn” about whether he had chosen the right song, but admitted he was “very talented” anyway. He said he would have to come up with something that was “more than that” to win. Howie and Sofia were easy yeses, and then Heidi got the third yes she needed, and Simon also got a fourth.

21:30 – Danger returns to the scene with archery and martial arts Tyler Burkeuntil it was revealed that the “danger” of his performance was more akin to auditions for action movies. Simon thought that “half the performance worked and half didn’t”. When he insisted that he had to “do everything right”, the crowd cheered for him to give him “one more try”, but he failed again on his second chance. This caused Simon to say “no”, while Sofia and Heidi said “yes”. The decision to advance or not was up to Howie, who gave him a third chance, but another failure meant Howie also said “no”.

21:41 – Former gymnast Helen, foot juggling She learned the art form in China and was hoping to land a Vegas residency with her act. Heidi called it “amazing,” as she was already imagining “all the crazy things” she could juggle in the next rounds. Simon suggested she juggle a “giant pizza,” and Howie thought she had “incredible showmanship” to go with her talent. All four judges were thrilled to send this exceptional act through to the next round.

21:51 – The last act of the evening was a performance by the father-son duo Taro Balloon with a performance they usually only performed for children. During the audition, many balloons burst, causing Simon to press the red X button, but Taro persevered and managed to perform the entire planned performance, jumping up the rungs of the ladder in a giant balloon and then back down as his son hit the podium floors with a gavel. Sofia liked it because it was “funny” and “creative”. Heidi appreciated that they created the show as father and son, and Howie added that it was “entertaining” and “funny”. Three of the judges disagreed with Simon’s dismissal, to which he replied that he pressed the button “a little too early” and asked for it to be removed. Simon told them that he didn’t think it would work, but since they managed to do it, he thought it was “amazing”. He was happy to join the other judges in voting “yes” later on so they could move on.

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