ProImage Announces Release of NewsWayX v6.2 with Timesaving Features and Production Tools

ProImage Announces Release of NewsWayX v6.2 with Timesaving Features and Production Tools

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ProImage, an innovator in newspaper production technology, is proud to announce the release of NewsWayX automated workflow, available in the cloud or installed on-premise. NewsWayX, with its cloud-based operation, is designed for publications large and small. It offers a comprehensive solution for page and plate tracking, ripping, imposition, and print management. The system’s HTML5-compliant, browser-based interface provides accessibility across a variety of desktop platforms, facilitating a seamless and informed workflow in the cloud.

In the latest version there is an additional option available submit pages next to FTP or dragging files into the browser. Files can now be uploaded directly to a page in the edit plan. To access the upload icon, the user hovers over the page icon in BirdsEye or thumbnail view and simply clicks the upload icon and selects the file to upload in the pop-up browsing window. This will automatically map the page regardless of the file name to the correct location.

This version supports manual normalization of the fly single or multiple pages using the new Normalize action. To apply a manual action, the operator right-clicks the page(s) icon and selects Normalize. This action will normalize the page(s) to a user-defined cropped or scaled width and height, and will also rotate the page if desired. It can also crop the image to a specified size on the fly. This is a valuable time-saver when final adjustments need to be made.

New ruler overlay added in Page and Form Views. This allows the operator to easily check the measurements of images, objects or pages. The user can select the ruler origin (i.e. 0,0 point) anywhere on the Page or Form.

Quick visualization Available values ​​for the form fanout. The user can view the values ​​in the Fanout table in the system fanout settings without having to open the table. In addition, the Fanout values ​​for each press can be quickly viewed in the table.

Page numbering is available in form viewUsers have the ability to view page numbers that are overlaid when viewing a form/imposition to see which pages are on the disc.

Many other visual and UI improvements have been made to speed up setup, tracking, sorting, and overall system functionality.

About ProImage:

New ProImage, an ECO3 company, is a leading developer of browser-based automated workflow, ink optimization, press registration, color imaging, and production tracking solutions for the commercial, newspaper, and publishing industries. ProImage’s advanced workflow technologies, using a standard web browser, offer the printing industry flexible, feature-rich, end-to-end automated workflow management.


Rick Shafranek – Vice President of Sales and Marketing, New ProImage America, Inc.
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