Man Regularly Wakes Up At 5am To Exercise, Wife Asks Him To Stop Once And For All

Man Regularly Wakes Up At 5am To Exercise, Wife Asks Him To Stop Once And For All

Being a new parent is both a joyful and exhausting experience. Added to the joy of watching your baby grow is the disruption of sleep, tons of responsibilities and most importantly, compromises. Because adapting to your baby’s needs comes before everything else.

But these compromises need to be made by both parents so that one isn’t burdened with everything. That’s what Reddit user says violet5 I was asking when she told her husband to stop his morning workouts while on vacation because they were waking their toddler up at 5am, leaving him cranky all day.

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Parents of a newborn baby go on a family vacation where the husband gets up at 5 a.m. for his usual workout with his brother

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But her 16-month-old son also gets up early because they share a bed, and the baby gets cranky from disrupted sleep, leaving the poster to take care of him.

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After four days of this, the wife decided to put an end to it and told her husband to stop getting up early for his workout.

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They argued about it and although he reluctantly accepted his deal, his brother was unhappy because they could no longer get along.

As you already know, this is the story of parents of a newborn baby and the ordeal of compromise they faced. Let’s dive right in. It all started when the new parents went on a two-week vacation with their family. The husband of the original author (OP) used to wake up early for his daily workout and he continued to do so even during the vacation.

He and his brother would wake up every day at 5am for a morning workout so they could spend time with their family during the day. But the fact is that OP’s 16-month-old baby was also sleeping in the same bed with her and her husband because he couldn’t sleep any other way. Maybe it was because of the new environment that the baby couldn’t adapt to quickly, so sleeping with his parents was the only option.

However, babies being babies, the newborn ended up waking up every morning at the same time as his dad, waking up the poster in turn. And like any baby, their son was cranky and moody all day because he was woken up so early, at 5am. After four days of this, OP finally put her foot down and told her husband that he had to stop waking up early for the remaining days of vacation.

According to Cleveland Clinic“It is necessary for your baby to get plenty of sleep as they are growing and developing rapidly. They need sleep to support all aspects of their physical and mental health.” It seems that waking up early is harmful to a baby, so perhaps the author of the article was right to take action against it.

The man said he would be more careful and not wake the baby. But the author replied that as soon as he left the bed, the baby woke up instantly, so he just had to stop. Well, after some discussion, he finally complied and agreed to stop waking up early. Besides the man, his brother was also unhappy about this situation because they wanted to play sports together.

So, probably perplexed, the young mother went online and asked Redditors if she was wrong to ask her husband to stop waking up early. And people had a lot to say on the subject!

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Most of them sided with their wives, saying that she was right to ask them to compromise for the sake of their son. They feared that disrupting a young child’s sleep cycle on a daily basis was not a good thing as it could harm their son’s physical and mental health and that he could face problems in his development.

For expert advice, Bored Panda reached out to Gazala KhanTrainee Counsellor at Silverline Counselling. She said: “A toddler’s inquisitive mind remains active throughout the day and therefore needs at least 11-16 hours of restful sleep. A consistent sleep routine is essential for overall mental and physical development. A disrupted sleep cycle not only makes them cranky but also affects their attention span, energy levels, learning abilities, memory and behaviour.”

So it seems essential that the baby gets enough sleep for his well-being. People also pointed out that the husband had gone to exercise, leaving the mother to deal with the cranky child. They said he was shirking his fatherly duties to enjoy the holiday while expecting the mother to carry the weight of a cranky child and ruin her holiday.

“When a parent is overwhelmed by the duties of a young child, in the absence of their partner, leaving them alone in this difficult situation, it can affect the relationship between the partners and instead of enjoying parenthood, they can start to see it as a burden,” explains Gazala. Thus, simply expecting the mother to take care of the child and abandoning her duties as a father is not the solution, as Reddit users have pointed out.

They also stressed that both parents need to compromise. According to Gazala, “if new parents decide not to compromise, it will lay a fragile foundation for future family dynamics. Not prioritizing the child and not accepting equal parental responsibilities harms the relationship between two individuals.”

“The emotional bond between the child and his parents is affected, as even a young child can feel a lack of attention and neglect from his parents. These problems often develop into complex mental health issues at a later stage in the child’s life.”

Netizens also tried to sympathize with the father and his daily routine, but they advised him to change the time of training or sleep on the couch or with his brother. They also pointed out that it was not the brother’s role to be unhappy about this, because the problem was between the couple. Now, this was from netizens, but we want to hear your opinion, so scroll down and leave your thoughts in the comments!


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When she sought advice online, people told her that her husband was wrong to ruin the baby’s sleep as it could have a negative impact on his health.

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