Danny Dyer reveals his wife supported him when he ‘lost his mind for many years’

Danny Dyer reveals his wife supported him when he ‘lost his mind for many years’

Danny Dyer has admitted to putting his wife through hell for many years of their relationship.

The 46-year-old actor began dating his partner Joanne Mas after they met at school when they were 13. Their relationship has survived multiple breakups and cheating allegations and the couple married in 2016 after Mas proposed to her the previous year.

Dyer, who has three children – The Island of Love Star Dani, 27, Sunnie, 17, and Arty, nine, with his wife, said his behaviour towards Mas has not always been admirable.

Speaking to Elizabeth Day on the How to fail In his podcast, Dyer revealed that Mas had supported him “through a lot of difficult situations.”

“I’ve been with the same woman since I was 13. It’s a journey,” he said. “That’s so rare.”

Dyer continued: “Because if you think about who you were at 13 and who you are now, growing up with someone at the same time, at the same pace, and then you add fame into the mix, and what happened to me, which she never wanted, and she came on this journey with me, both from the same council estate.”

THE EastEnders The star said his wife “didn’t really sign up” for a life of fame, but helped him navigate his celebrity life regardless.

Danny Dyer and his wife Joanne Mas have been together since they were 13 (Tim P. Whitby/Getty Images)

“It fucked me up when I got really famous,” he said. “I didn’t really know what to do with it and I guess she supported me through a lot of situations and had to be very patient with me.

“And of course, I believe in marriage vows, in sickness and in health, in good times and bad. So it’s hard to stay in a relationship for so long with the press and me being an asshole for so many years, because I was, I put my hands up, I lost it for so many years.”

The actor continued: “I didn’t really know who I was and I guess she had to go through all that on a national level. I love her with all my heart. You know, she challenges me every day. She’s helped keep me grounded. I can tell you that now.”

“She came to see me do a play once, and I came off stage and she said, ‘Yeah, don’t let your thoughts get carried away.’ I thought that’s what I needed to hear.”

Dyer and Mas with their daughter Dani Dyer in London (Getty Images)

Dyer previously admitted he was terrified his wife Jo would play a joke on him when she first asked him out.

“I was the bum kid, she was the coolest girl. I had nothing going for me,” Dyer recalls.

“I thought it was going to be like Carrie, that she was going to take me to a gym and pour pig’s blood on me,” he said. “But no, she took me to Pizza Hut. It was amazing.”