I Felt Stupid After My Ex-girlfriend Broke My Heart – Victony Reveals

I Felt Stupid After My Ex-girlfriend Broke My Heart – Victony Reveals

Victony, a popular Nigerian artist, has revealed how he discovered that his girlfriend was cheating on him.

In an interview on the ‘Is This Seat Taken?’ podcast, hosted by Nollywood actress Chinasa Anukam, the singer described how discovering the truth about his ex-girlfriend’s relationship with another man made him feel stupid.

Victony revealed that his ex-girlfriend had lied to him, claiming that the man was only a friend, when it turned out that she was cheating on him with the man.

The singer said, “She (my ex-girlfriend) was talking to this other guy and I was aware. She was telling me about this other guy. Me, very open-minded, I was like, this guy was just her friend.

“She told me he was her friend but his name just always came up. And I will be like, what kind of friend is this one?

“At the end of the day, it turned out he was not her friend. That was very mad because when I realized everything that was going on, I felt very stupid.”

In other news, Nigerian singer, simi has jokingly responded to criticism for wearing a swimsuit to a pool party. Simi apologized in a funny video on Instagram on July 9, 2024.

In the video, Simi jokingly said, “I just came here feeling repentant; “yesterday I went to the swimming pool and I wore a swimsuit, guys, and I’m just so sorry.” She humorously added that she would wear a caftan to future pool parties “as a sign of respect” to her husband.

The singer cleverly turned the situation into an opportunity to promote her music, saying, “If nothing, please stream my album Lost and Found, because I was lost at the pool and now I’m found.”

Simi’s post elicited amusing comments from other celebrities.

Falz commented, “I cannot believe you. And you’re supposed to be a mother figure,” while Teni suggested, “Na damask you for wear.”

The dispute erupted after a video of Simi at a friend’s pool party went viral. While many people enjoyed the video, others attacked her for wearing a one-piece swimsuit as a married woman.