Locarno Film Festival presents 2024 programme, including premieres of films by Hong Sangsoo, Wang Bing and Ben Rivers

Locarno Film Festival presents 2024 programme, including premieres of films by Hong Sangsoo, Wang Bing and Ben Rivers

The Locarno Film Festival (7–17 August) has announced the programme for its 77th edition, which will feature directors such as Hong Sangsoo, Wang Bing and Ben Rivers, who will present their latest films for the first time in international competition.

Outside of the competition, Locarno will host world premieres of works by directors such as Radu Jude, Fabrice du Welz, Aislinn Clarke, Bertrand Mandico, César Díaz, Paz Vega, Marco Tullio Giordana and Gianluca Jodi.

The international competition in Locarno will feature 17 films, all world premieres, which will compete for the prestigious Golden Leopard awards.

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Among them is a documentary by British filmmaker and artist Ben Rivera Bogancloch, sequel to the 2011 award-winning film Two years at seatells the story of a modern-day hermit who lives a lonely life in a mountainous forest in Scotland.

Prolific South Korean director Hong Sangsoo arrives from Suyoocheon (By the Stream) It just premiered Traveler’s needs in competition at the Berlinale in February. Its latest stars include Kim Minhee, Kwon Haehyo and Cho Yunhee.

The Chinese Wang Bing is also taking part in the competition with the latest documentary film in his career. Youth series. Wang’s 2023’s Youth (spring)focused on young garment factory workers in China and played in Competition at Cannes. It brings Youth (Hard Times) to Locarno.

Also in the competition is a noir thriller by German director Christoph Hochhäusler Death Will Come (La Mort Viendra), tells the story of an assassin who is hired by a leading gangster to avenge the death of one of his couriers, but soon becomes a victim herself.

Berlinale Golden Bear-winning director Radu Jude will have two films screened out of competition in Locarno. Eight Postcards from Utopiaco-directed with Christian Ferencz-Flatz, is a found-footage documentary assembled exclusively from post-socialist Romanian commercials. The Romanian director also brings Dream #2Both films are sold by Heretic.

Irish writer and director Aislinn Clarke will also be presenting her horror film in competition for the first time. Frewaka, starring: Clare Monnelly, Bríd Ní Neachtain and Aleksandra Bystrzhitskaya. Frewaka tells the story of a palliative care nursing student (played by Monnelly) who is haunted by a traumatic past that disorients her relationship, career and ability to function.

In addition to the official selection, French actor-directors Mélanie Laurent and Guillaume Canet will be honored with the Locarno Excellence Award Davide Campari, dedicated to performers with an extraordinary career. The award will be presented on the opening night of the Festival, August 7.

Laurent and Canet join the distinguished group of people who received awards at the 77th edition of the Locarno Festival: Shah Rukh Khan received the Pardo alla Carriera Ascona-Locarno Tourism Award, Jane Campion received the Pardo d’Onore Manor Award, Ben Burtt received the Vision Award Ticinomoda, Claude Barras received the Locarno Kids Award la Mobiliare, Stacey Sher received the Raimondo Rezzonico Award and Irène Jacob received the Leopard Club Award.

International Competition

Agora (Tun-Fr-Saudi Arabia-Qatar)
Directed by Ala Eddine Slim

Akiplėša (Toxic) (Lith)
Directed by Saulė Bliuvaitė

Bogancloch (Great Britain-Germany-Ice)
Directed by Ben Rivers
International Sales: Rediance

Cent Mille Billions (P)
Directed by Virgil Vernier

The Spatz In The Stone (Switzerland)
Directed by Ramon Zürcher
International Sales: Cercamon

Wind Fire (Port-Switzerland-Fr)
Directed by Marta Mateus
International Sales: Portugal Film – Portuguese Film Agency

Green Line (Fr-Leb-Qatar)
Directed by: Sylvie Ballyot

Death will come (Germany-Lux)
Directed by Christoph Hochhausler
International Sales: True Colors

Light (This)
Directed by: Silvia Luzi, Luca Bellino

Monday (Austria)
Directed by: Kurdwin Ayub

Youth (Hard Times) (French-Lux-Netherlands)
Directed by Wang Bing
International Sales: Pyramide International

Suyoocheon (By the Stream) (S.Kor)
Directed by Hong Sangsoo
International Sales: Finecut

Salve Maria (Sp)
Directed by Mar Coll
International Sales: Be For Films

Sinking dry (lit.-width)
Directed by Laurynas Bareiša
International Sales: Alpha Violet

In the Land of Leggeri (This)
Directed by Sara Fgaier
International Sales: Rai CinemaInternational SalesDistribution

Transamazon (fr-ger-switzerland-tai-brazilian)
Directed by Pia Marais
International Sales: The Party Film Sales

New Dawn Fades (Türkiye-It-Ger-Nor-Neth)
Directed by: Gürcan Keltek
International Sales: Heretic

Cinema of the present

Crickets, now it’s your turn (Father-Kaz)
Directed by Olga Korotko
International Sales: Cercamon

Spot (Germany-Switzerland)
Directed by Willy Hans

Fario (P)
Directed by Lucie Prost

Lesson learned (Hun)
Directed by: Balint Szimler

Bad deeds (Great Britain)
Directed by Richard Hunter

Hanami (Switzerland-Port-Cape Verde)
Directed by Denise Fernandes

Holy Electricity (Georgia-Netherlands)
Directed by Tato Kotetishvili

Invention (Us)
Directed by Courtney Stephens

Joqtau (Kaz)
Directed by Aruan Anartay

When the phone rang (Serbia)
Directed by Iva Radivojevic

Listen to the Voices (Belgium-France-French Guiana)
Directed by Maxime Jean-Baptiste

Children in red (Tun-Fr-Belg-Pol)
Directed by Lotfi Achour
International Sales: Mpm Premium

Collective monologue (Arg-Great Britain)
Directed by Jessica Sarah Rinland

Olivia and the Nubes Forest (House Representative)
Director. Tomás Pichardo-Espaillat

True (Italy-First)
Directed by Adele Tulli
|International Sales: Intramovies

Out of competition

Bang Bang (US)
Directed by Vincent Grashaw

Telepáticas Cards (Telepathic Letters) (Port)
Directed by Edgar Pêra

Dragon Expansion (P)
Directed by Bertrand Mandico

Dangerous species (Switzerland)
Directed by Bruno Deville
International Sales: Playtime

Frewaka (Anger)
Directed by Aislinn Clarke
International Sales: New Film Sales in Europe

Passion for Beatrice (Fr-Belgium)
Directed by Fabrice Du Welz

La Prodigiosa Transformation of the Opera Class in Aliens (Switzerland)
Directed by Samir
Switzerland, Italy – 2024

Accanto’s Life (This)
Directed by Marco Tullio Giordana
International Sales: Intramovies

My family Chérie (P)
Directed by Isild Le Besco

Eight Postcards from Utopia (Rome.)
Directed by: Radu Jude, Christian Ferencz-Flatz
International Sales: Heretic

Dream #2 (Rome.)
Directed by Radu Jude
International Sales: Heretic

The Grand Square

Electric baby (Switzerland-Germany-Netherland-Phil)
Directed by Simon Jaquemet

Gaucho Gaucho (US)
Directed by Michael Dweck, Gregory Kershaw
International Sales: Charades

Flood (Italy-First)
Directed by Gianluca Jodice
International Sales: Goodfellas

The Dog Trial (Switzerland-Fr)
Directed by Laetitia Dosch
International Sales: Mk2

Mexico 86 (Belgium-France)
Directed by Cesar Diaz
International Sales: Goodfellas

Kings (Switzerland-Peru-Sp)
Directed by Klaudia Reynicke
International Sales: The Yellow Affair

Rita (Sp)
Directed by Paz Vega
International Sales: Filmax

Savages (Switzerland-France-Belgium)
Directed by Claude Barras
International Sales: Goodfellas

Sew up the torn pieces (USA-Switzerland)
Directed by Freddy Macdonald
International Sales: UTA

Shambhala (Nepal-Fr-Nor-Türkiye-Hk-Tai-USA-Qatar)
Directed by Min Bahadur Bham
International Sales: Best Friend Forever

Fall (Restored cut) (South Africa-India-UK)
Directed by Tarsem Singh
International Sales: The Match Factory

Piano (Aus-Nz-Fr)
Directed by: Jane Campion
International Sales: Newen Connect

Sacred Fig Seeds (Iran-Germany-France)
Directed by Mohammad Rasoulof
International Sales: Films Boutique

Time Chaser (Great Britain)
Directed by Alice Lowe
International Sales: Hanway Films

A woman is a woman (Fr-Italian)
Directed by Jean-Luc Godard
International Sales: Studiocanal