You Gave Nollywood a Bad Name – Producer Reacts to Actor’s Death for Kidnapping

You Gave Nollywood a Bad Name – Producer Reacts to Actor’s Death for Kidnapping

Nollywood director Stanley NwokeOntop has reacted to the death of Prince Herny Ode, the fast-rising actor and producer who was killed in a shootout with the police in Lagos over his involvement in a kidnapping.

Share(TNG) reports that Henry was allegedly part of a notorious kidnapping gang that attacked the Lagos State Police and was killed in a gun battle on Friday, July 5.


Confirming the incident, the Special First Division of the command reported that the feat has been achieved when it involved people around the axis of Ajao, Okota, Isolo and Ladipo state.

According to reports, five AK-47 rifles and two SUVs were recovered during surgery.

In response, Stanley posted on his Instagram profile, appealing to the authorities of the Actors Guild of Nigeria to conduct thorough background checks of its members before certifying them.

He added that Ode had brought a bad name to the film industry with his actions, emphasizing that the late actor would not rest in peace.

He wrote: “Way @princehenryodenigbo Why Did you die so quickly?We I would make you die slowlyWe would cover you with shame even before your death.

“But everything Same I wish you death after death. You came to nollywood with your damn money AND now you gave Nollywood very angry name.

“The producer is also an actor. The head of the kidnappers. May your wicked soul never rest in peace. Ev!l person

This If photos of the kidnapper nollywood producer who was kpai ON Thursday . This this is his handle @princehenryodenigbo You one could wish him more death after death.

Nollywood the industry should be careful this the kind of people they accept into their guilds. Especially producers.”