Chichibu releases fifth whiskey 7even Gods of Fortunes

Chichibu releases fifth whiskey 7even Gods of Fortunes

Dutch spirits distributor Salud Spirits has revealed the fifth edition of the Chichibu 7even series Gods of Fortunes: Fukurokuju.

Chichibu Fukurokuju is aged for eight years in first-fill bourbon barrels and bottled at 61% ABV.

The 7even Gods of Fortune series debuted in 2022. The fifth edition, Fukurokuju, follows on from previous editions: Ebisu, Hotei, Bishamonten, and Benzaitan – each named after a god worshiped in Japan since the Middle Ages.

The series includes seven Chichibu single cask whisky bottlers, launching between 2022 and 2025.

Each of the seven expressions “shares the happiness of the best Chichibu barrels with whiskey lovers around the world.” At the same time, each god symbolizes happiness, carrying with them certain qualities and associations.

The fifth installment features Fukurokuju, the god of wealth and longevity, who is said to “bring a wealth of flavors and an effect that lasts for centuries to those who enjoy and savor it.”

The new edition of the whisky is made from Odyssey barley, matured for eight years in first-fill bourbon barrels and bottled at 61% ABV.

To offer the best whiskey for the occasion, Salud Spirits invited a group of whiskey connoisseurs to choose their favorite whiskey.

Fukurokuju offers “floral and fruity aromas with powdered sugar and tumtums” on the nose, followed by “an explosion of tropical fruits and peppery notes” on the palate.

Available exclusively through Salud Spirits, the edition is limited to 188 bottles.

The series was created in collaboration with digital and NFT designer Warbb.

“When I was contacted by this amazing whisky brand, I was immediately excited. It’s an honor to be able to contribute to the overall customer experience, and for me, it’s the best way to bring my art to life,” said Robbin Snijders, the artist behind Warbb.

Give back

In keeping with the charitable nature of the Seven Gods, Salud Spirits celebrates the release in July by helping the less fortunate through a special charity drive in partnership with the Japanese Consulate in The Hague, Netherlands.

The charity event, the date of which will be announced later, is benefiting Second Harvest Japan, a charity that helps the hungry gain access to food.

During the event, Salud Spirits will auction off a second bottle of Fukurokuju, as well as other exclusive Chichibu bottlers such as Spirits of Salud and Chichibu Red Wine Cask 2023. Winners of the auction “may” have a chance to have their bottles signed by Ichiro Akuto, owner of the Chichibu Distillery.