Christian Lee Hutson Announces New Album, Shares New Single “After Hours”

Christian Lee Hutson Announces New Album, Shares New Single “After Hours”

Christian Lee Hutson announces new album, Paradise Pop. 10scheduled for release on September 27 via ANTI- Records. A sequel to the 2022 album. The one who surrenders was co-produced by frequent collaborators Phoebe Bridgers, Marshall Vore, and Joseph Lorge. It also features guest vocals from Bridgers, as well as Katy Kirby and Maya Hawke. The first single, “After Hours,” which features synths from Shahzad Ismaily, has a music video directed by Meg Ha. Check it out, and find the album cover and tracklist below.

“I wanted to make a record with my eyes up,” Hutson, who moved from Los Angeles to New York, said in a statement. “A record with perspective.” He added:

Sometimes when you live somewhere for a really long time, the place starts to feel like a graveyard of memories. Every corner becomes haunted in some way, like it’s pulling you out of the present. That’s what LA did for me. Spending so much time revisiting all these emotional landmarks ended up making me feel like I was losing my life. Like it was passing me by when I looked the other way… I felt really connected to the city. I was spending half my life in my car, completely on autopilot, reliving my life over and over again, every day.

Paradise Pop. 10 takes its name from a real place deep in the woods of Parke County, Indiana, near where Hutson spent part of his childhood. Just beyond the population sign, a row of 5 houses stands on one side of the road, and a cemetery on the other.

“When I was a kid, my dad would take me there, mostly because of the novelty of the city boundary sign, but also because it was so quiet and peaceful,” Hutson explained. “He said for years that if life got too crazy, we could go there and start living our real lives; be the people we were always meant to be.”

He continued, “It occurred to me while recording this record that we spend most of our lives waiting to ‘become the people we were always meant to be.’ I wanted to name this record after that city because it has always symbolized arrival for me. It was the ‘when’ I waited for as a kid. The ‘when’ everything made sense and I finally became who I was meant to be.”

Paradise Pop. 10 Cover:

Paradise Pop. 10 Tracklist:

1. Tiger
2. Carousel horses
4. Water Ballet
5. Sweet Land
6. Flamingos
7. Fan fiction
8. After hours
9. Forever immortalized
10. Skeleton Crew
11. School of Beauty