I date for fun, not marriage

I date for fun, not marriage

Entertainment on Wednesday, July 10, 2024



Big Brother Naija housemate Doyin

Former Big Brother Naija contestant, Doyin David, shared her candid views on marriage and love in a recent interview with Olufemi Daniel.

For her, the most important thing is company and she values ​​her partner’s presence above all else.

However, she explained that “I date for companionship, not necessarily with marriage in mind.”

While Doyin admitted that intimacy is a natural part of relationships, she emphasized that her primary motivation for dating is not physical intimacy.

Doyin has expressed his openness to long-term relationships, whether they end in formal marriage or not.

Believes that sincere commitment and friendship are the foundation of a lasting bond.

Her goal is to find a lifelong partner with whom she can share valuable experiences, regardless of whether they decide to formalize their relationship through marriage.

She explained: “Sex is part of a friendship, right? But that’s not the main reason I’m dating. I’m looking for a friendship, not just marriage. If it doesn’t lead to marriage, that’s fine; we enjoyed our time together. But if it does, that’s great – I’m open to a lifelong partnership, even if marriage is out of the question.”

“For me, marriage is not just about signing papers. I do not question the legality of marriage, but friendship is more important. I want to have a companion for life, regardless of whether we are legally married or not. I simply want to have someone who will be my partner for life.”

Doyin’s perspective emphasizes that emotional bonding and friendship are more important to her than marital formalities.