Nicola Coughlan’s Latest Behind-The-Scenes Bridgerton Photos Are Actually Really Emotional

Nicola Coughlan’s Latest Behind-The-Scenes Bridgerton Photos Are Actually Really Emotional

Luke Newton and Nicola Coughlan on the set of Bridgerton LIAM DANIEL/NETFLIX

If we’re being totally honest, we’ve enjoyed the Bridgerton cast repeatedly lifting the lid on how season three was made, and all the fun they had on set, as we did the show itself.

Since the latest batch of episodes debuted on Netflix last month, fans have been treated to all kinds of behind-the-scenes glimpses at what goes on while making Bridgerton, whether it’s group dance-offs in full costume or Nicola playing a brilliant prank on co-star Luke Newton over his past career as an aspiring pop star.

The former Derry Girls star has kept the fun behind-the-scenes photos coming in the last few weeks, but her latest snaps are actually more on the emotional side.

In an Instagram post shared on Tuesday night, Nicola posted pictures of her last day on the set of season three, filming her “final shot” as Penelope Featherington and being surprised by a “light show” from the crew.

The pictures show Nicola bathed in colourful light while clearly swept up in the emotion of the moment.

“Just found out today we’ve climbed up to number eight in Netflix’s most-watched shows of all time, thank you all so much,” she added.

A fourth season of Bridgerton has already been greenlit, although it sounds like fans could be in with a bit of a wait for their next visit to the ton.

Last month, showrunner Jess Brownell said: “We are working to try and put the seasons out more quickly, but they do take eight months to film and then they have to be edited, and then they have to be dubbed into every language.

“And the writing takes a very long time as well, so we’re kind of on a two-year pace, we’re trying to speed up, but somewhere in that range.”

It’s still not clear which characters the next season of the hit period drama will focus on, after season three set up potential new storylines for both Francesca and Benedict Bridgerton.

However, Jess has already settled on one fan theory, insisting that Bridgerton would not be “combining books” for season four, instead focusing on one central couple’s love story.