UniqKiller is an upcoming customization-heavy shooter from Brazilian developer HypeJoe Games

UniqKiller is an upcoming customization-heavy shooter from Brazilian developer HypeJoe Games

  • UniqKiller was officially presented at Gamescom Latam
  • It’s a top-down shooter with a strong focus on providing players with a lot of customization options.
  • Closed beta is expected to take place at the end of this year

While in Brazil for Gamescom Latam, I was curious to see if I could find a mobile game developed in the country, and I found one on display in a big yellow booth. UniqKiller is an upcoming shooter from developer HypeJoe Games, a studio based in Sao Paulo.

It was officially unveiled at the event, and the booth seemed popular. I rarely walked past on one of my many laps around the show floor and didn’t see people trying out the demo version that was available. The yellow HypeJoe bags were also a common sight at the show, so it’s safe to say that the UniqKiller was a well-attended attraction.

With this, HypeJoe has the lofty goal of standing out from the crowd in an admittedly saturated shooter market. One way they’re doing this is by switching from a typical first-person perspective to an isometric top-down camera angle. While it’s certainly a bit different, it’s unlikely to be a major selling point for most people.

The focus on customization, however, is arguably much more appealing. HypeJoe believes that in 2024, people want a sense of individuality when playing games, not for everyone to look the same. That’s why they want to give us the freedom to create the character – or Uniq – we want.

Apparently, this won’t stop after character creation. As you play more matches, you’ll unlock additional customization options. And it’s not just about appearance. You can also unlock ways to change Uniqs’ abilities and fighting style to suit your preferred approach.

Given that this is a multiplayer game, you can expect all the usual extras, like teaming up with your buddies in a clan. Once you’re set up, you’ll compete in clan wars, special events, and other missions. And don’t worry if you’re terrible at shooters like I am. HypeJoe is dedicated to creating fair matchmaking, which hopefully means you’ll always be fighting players of a similar skill level.

UniqKiller is set to release on mobile and PC, with a closed beta planned for November 2024. Stay tuned to Pocket Gamer for any updates on the full release, and we hope to have a live interview with HypeJoe soon to learn more about his plans.