Release Date, Price, Features, Specifications

Release Date, Price, Features, Specifications

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Samsung has finally revealed the key details, price, and release date of its new Galaxy Ring on July 10, after announcing its existence in January and showcasing prototypes at MWC 2024 in February.

The Galaxy Ring is designed to be a discreet, wearable health tracker, with features powered by Samsung Galaxy AI, which we detail below. The Galaxy Ring is available for pre-order now on Samsung’s website ahead of its July 24 launch date.

Samsung Galaxy Ring: Features

The Galaxy Ring’s exterior is coated in titanium, and inside the ring are sensors like a heart rate monitor and temperature sensors that track several parameters like sleep, activity, menstrual cycles, and exercise, among others. It’s also water-resistant to 300 feet (100 meters), so it’s easily suitable for swimming workouts.

Samsung claims that the Galaxy Ring favors the index finger, but this display unit only accommodated my pinky.

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Unlike a smartwatch, the Galaxy Ring (the Oura Ring’s direct competitor) is designed to be worn 24/7 — at least until the battery runs out after six or seven days, depending on which ring size you choose (and which one fits you best). The Galaxy Ring comes with a charging cradle that holds about 1.5 times more charge than the Ring, so about nine or 10 days of extra battery life.

There are seven sizes to choose from. To find out which size is right for you, you can order a sizing kit, which costs $10, but that cost is refunded when you buy the Galaxy Ring. The ring molds in the sizing kit are made of recyclable plastic and are designed to be thrown away after you figure out which size is best for you.

The Galaxy Ring charging case can hold 1.5 times more charge than the Galaxy Ring itself.

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The Galaxy Ring isn’t cheap, starting at $399.99. You can get the Galaxy Watch 7 for less at that price, and the Galaxy Watch 7 offers Very more than the Galaxy Ring – like displaying the time, exercise progress and many other relevant and useful information on a compact display.

The smartwatch also displays notifications from your phone and takes an ECG reading. However, the Galaxy Ring was designed for those who may not like smartwatches, for whatever reason. The Galaxy Ring is significantly lighter, more discreet, and has a longer battery life than a smartwatch. If these features sound good, despite the shortcomings compared to a smartwatch, you may be the target customer.

Features powered by artificial intelligence

Samsung’s Galaxy AI technology in its latest wearables, including the Galaxy Ring, Galaxy Watch 7 and Galaxy Watch Ultra, focuses on two new features – power usage assessment and well-being tips.

Energy Score gives you a sense of your daily physical and mental health based on seven metrics related to sleep, activity and heart rate. This data is collected by the Galaxy Ring and processed by AI on an Android phone running the Samsung Health app, giving you a score on a scale of 1 to 100.

Galaxy Ring supports Samsung’s Galaxy AI technology for two main features, including Energy Score and Wellness Tips.

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Wellness Tips is designed to be an AI personal trainer. It provides insights and personalized recommendations on exercise, sleep, stress, water intake and more, all based on data collected by Galaxy Ring and processed by Galaxy AI. It also tracks your daily health over time to report on your progress and makes recommendations on changes you can make to become healthier.

You can check your Energy Score and Wellness Tips in the Samsung Health app on any Android phone that supports the app. However, the specific Insight feature in Energy Score requires a Galaxy device that supports Galaxy AI and will not be available on non-Samsung Android devices.

Samsung Galaxy Ring: Price and Release Date

The Galaxy Ring starts at $399.99. Pre-orders are available on Samsung’s website starting July 10. The device will be generally available from Samsung and major retailers starting July 24.

Samsung Galaxy Ring: Specifications