Toyin Abraham denies involvement in alleged arrest of internet user’s mother

Toyin Abraham denies involvement in alleged arrest of internet user’s mother

Actress Toyin Abraham has denied accusations that she had the mother of one of her critics arrested.

The drama unfolded late Tuesday evening, when internet user took to Xformerly known as Twitter, claiming that Toyin ordered his mother to be detained.

A netizen with the nickname El Jefe wrote: “It’s one thing to tweet and you arrest me. It’s another thing to arrest me for not writing a single comment @toyin_abraham1. You took my mom from the store to the police station in Panti for something I didn’t even do. God will judge you.”

He continued his accusations in a follow-up post, saying, “Today you made my mom cry over something I didn’t even do! You’re going to have to face your own consequences!”

He also asked, “How did I abuse you and your son? Where did I say your son would die?”

In response, user X, nicknamed Prince Adeshina, explained that the allegedly arrested woman had actually gone to the police station and refused to leave without her son’s friend named Big Ayo, one of Toyin’s alleged critics.

Early Wednesday morning, stillher X user, Dannysarcastically encouraged Toyin to send police to arrest all her critics, calling her “very shameless.”

Toyin responded that while she can endure insults directed at her, she will not accept lies or curses directed at her children.

She denied the arrest allegations, stating, “I never arrest and will never arrest someone’s mother. I filed a cybercrime report as a citizen.”

Danny also threatened to initiate mass reporting campaign against Toyin’s Instagram page and her Netflix videos, urging others to compile a list of her videos available on Netflix and Prime Video to file specific complaints.