Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton Are ‘More In Love Than Ever’

Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton Are ‘More In Love Than Ever’

It was an unforgettable birthday Blake SheltonIn mid-June, the country music star, who turned 48 on June 18, and her wife Gwen Stephanie They traveled to Italy with Stefani’s three sons for a family vacation. In typical tourist fashion, they toured the Vatican Museums, saw the iconic Trevi Fountain and had lunch in Piazza San Marco. During an afternoon gondola ride in Venice, Shelton and Stefani, 54, sipped champagne and shared a sweet kiss.

“They did a lot of shopping and ate at the best restaurants, but they also relaxed, ordered food to their room and watched TV,” the source exclusively shares in the latest issue Us Weekly“Everybody had a good time.”

Shelton and Stefani have had a lot to celebrate lately. In addition to Shelton’s big day, the couple celebrated their third wedding anniversary on July 3. “It feels surreal because time has flown by,” the second source said.

The pop star and the unruly country singer fell in love in 2015, following their very public divorces (she split from her husband of almost 13 years, the rocker). Gavin Rossdalewith whom she shares Kingston (18), Zuma (15) and Apollo (10); he is a country musician Miranda Lambert after four years of marriage).

They haven’t looked back since. “Gwen and Blake are doing amazing,” the second source added. “They’re more in love than ever.”

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An unbreakable bond

Few saw this unlikely romance coming. “They are the quintessential opposites attract couple,” says a third source, noting that Shelton and the No Doubt singer “complement each other in the best way. People around them didn’t understand the couple at first,” the source adds, “but now they see how strong the love is (between them).”

Initially, they bonded over their shared grief. “They were just two broken people who started leaning on each other,” Stefani said during an interview in February. She joined Shelton as a judge on Voice in 2014 and became closer the following year.

“Gwen and Blake went through a dark divorce,” a third source said. “It was a difficult time for them. Their reunion was the light at the end of the tunnel.”

Shelton credits Stefani with saving his life. “It was like literally falling off a cliff,” he recalled, “and a hand reached out and grabbed me.”

Neither Shelton nor Stefani took the marriage lightly. “They both had some hesitations about remarrying after their divorces, but they felt like this was different,” a fourth source said.

They were together for six years before the “God’s Country” singer proposed to Stefani in 2020 at a custom-built chapel he built for her on his 1,300-acre Ten Point Ranch in Oklahoma.

“One of the main reasons they waited to get engaged was because Blake wanted to finish building a chapel for Gwen on his property,” the first source says. “He thought proposing there would be really special.”

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So connected

They have more in common than you might think. “Gwen and Blake are both passionate about adventure and their careers,” the first source says, while a fourth source notes that making music together “brings them closer together and allows them to let off steam creatively.”

When disagreements do arise, the first source says the couple doesn’t badmouth each other: “They talk things through until they come to a solution that suits both parties.”

A fourth source added: “They still argue about work-life balance sometimes, but they always get along. They’ve grown closer by facing challenges together and supporting each other’s dreams.”

Family comes first for both of them, with Shelton taking on the role of stepfather to Kingston, Zuma, and Apollo.

“I didn’t know what I was signing up for, but I was determined to sign up for it,” he said in a 2022 interview. “And every day I fall in love with the guys just as much as I do with Gwen.”

The first source says that while Stefani’s sons are close to Rossdale, they have come to see Shelton “as a fatherly figure as well,” adding, “Blake loves them so much.” Stefani is thrilled to see how close they have become.

“Gwen’s sons are her world,” the first source continued. “If Blake didn’t embrace them wholeheartedly, it would be a dealbreaker for her. It melts her heart to see him with the boys. Their family has blended perfectly.”

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A completely new world

Shelton opened their eyes to the joys of country life. “The boys got to experience things in Oklahoma that they never did in L.A., like campfire cooking, farming, planting trees and setting off fireworks,” the first source says, noting that Shelton enjoys hosting get-togethers at the ranch and the couple’s home on Lake Texoma. “I absolutely love being the person who can introduce them to that,” he said in April.

Stefani is a convert. “I’m not the dirty type, or the bug type, or the hot type — but you get used to it. It’s so beautiful there,” she said.

According to a third source, “When Gwen isn’t working in Los Angeles, they’re in Oklahoma. She prefers that to the fast-paced Hollywood lifestyle.” Shelton also introduced the kids to country music.

“Kingston used to say he hated it,” the first source says, “but now he appreciates it a lot more.”

A fourth source says Shelton and Stefani love jam sessions with their kids, as well as movie nights, adding, “They really value family time.”

Their shared faith is also important to them. Stefani — a devout Catholic — “was the one who sparked Blake’s religious beliefs,” says a third source. “They go to church with their kids and share the same values. That’s a priority for them.”


What’s next

Since Shelton left Voice After season 23, he was busy making new music (he released “Pour Me a Drink” with Post Malone June 21) and her chain of bars and restaurants, Ole Red. Stefani reunited with No Doubt to headline Coachella in April, and will return to Voice for season 26 in the fall.

“Blake plans to visit Gwen on set when she’s in town,” says a third source. “They’re very committed to each other’s careers and have a great time together, even when they’re working.” A fourth source adds, “Gwen and Blake are each other’s biggest fans.”

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