Love and Deepspace finally get their long awaited appearance

Love and Deepspace finally get their long awaited appearance

Love and Deepspace creator InFold Games has finally given us the resident evil bad boy of our dreams. Get your hearts and wallets ready.

Information about the main antagonist of the game Sylus became an object of love leaked by an anonymous source on June 21. After some regret and mobilization of the LDS team at InFold Games, the long-awaited official trailer is finally here!

Sylus is probably one of the characters in the game with the most lore. Without giving too much away to new recruits, he is seen as the main bad guy in the story. This has generated a lot of buzz in the Love and Deepspace communities on Reddit and other social media platforms, with people wondering how InFold is going to fit him into the current MC dynamic. July 15th We are definitely looking forward to this moment!

It is known that Love and Deepspace are more than that Love than it is deep space and many people (myself included) are rooting for an enemies-to-lovers theme in this new version. The content currently released certainly suggests a more angular AND spicy theme that is a new and welcome change of pace. This is reinforced by the more intimate The trailer for the film was released earlier today (July 10).

The trailer’s more…adult themes quickly created a stir among eager fans on the LDS subreddit. Expectations are high, and InFold is ready to deliver.

What else is on the way?

Not only will the situation in the city become a bit more tense, but Love and Deepspace will make it easier for players to get Sylus for myself.

Free prizes

Image via InFold Games

After logging in after the update July 15thit looks like players will be able to secure 5 stars version of Sylus for free. This means that anyone who is excited to meet him will have their chance as soon as possible. There have also been announcements about a free, collectible 4 star version and another 5-star available as weekly benefit of logging inIn short, InFold provides us with good nutrition.


In true “we must gather them all” spirit, the LDS Church also provides a limited time banner event where players can obtain a rare 5-star Sylus called (Undefended zone).

Image via InFold Games

It’s currently unclear how to obtain this card, or how much it will cost in in-game currency. However, these unknowns aren’t stopping loyal fans from saving up as much money as they can while they wait. One Reddit user even posted his collection diamonds in preparation.

Image via Own-Bad-285 on Reddit

Other than these recently announced banners, there is no further information regarding the upcoming Sylus cards. In true LDS fashion, I am sure there will be many more.

Important note: If you’re a new player or haven’t gotten very far into the story yet, make sure you’ve reached Sylus’ introduction in the main story before update. As with other companions, if you collect their cards before meeting them in game, you will not gain affinity!

Let’s hope Sylus lives up to the hype and mystery surrounding him. The July 15 update is shaping up to be a big one, so get ready!

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