Anambra community seethes as wife reveals husband’s involvement, traditional ruler charged – New National Star

Anambra community seethes as wife reveals husband’s involvement, traditional ruler charged – New National Star


On Monday, a video surfaced online in which Mrs. Ujunwa Agueze, a beer bar owner in Owerre-Ezukala in Orumba South Local Government Area of ​​Anambra State, confessed that her husband, Mr. Onyedikachi Agueze, popularly known as “obobo,” aided and abetted kidnappings in and around the town. Shocking facts were revealed.

An audio clip was then played in which a man who claimed to be from the area was telling another man he called Okwute Amechi about the heinous crime that has been going on in the Community for the past four years, which the traditional ruler and the entire Community are aware of but are failing to take action.

He said: “Let me tell you this, Okwute Amechi, these unknown gunmen have been in this town for over three, four years and the community is aware of their presence.”

He claimed that Mrs Agueze’s husband was a member of an unknown group of armed men and an informant who had been exposing the kidnappers to the activities of wealthy people in the community.

He recalled an incident that happened on February 24, 2023, when one Edozie Madu, an indigene of the community, returned home with a huge sum of money to lobby voters of a particular political party ahead of the February 25 presidential election, but was almost kidnapped by unknown men who had information from Onyedika Agueze.

He said the bandits killed two policemen and two soldiers guarding the politician while he escaped by a whisker in a bulletproof car he was driving. Angered by his miraculous escape, the attackers set fire to three cars on his property and a guardhouse.

Mrs Agueze, a newlywed who was arrested during a recent raid by security operatives as part of the ongoing Operation Udoka in the Southeast, also revealed that the traditional leader of the community and some of his subjects were aware of the criminality and were in cahoots with the hoodlums.

Specifically, she alleged that the traditional ruler, as well as the community at large, consulted with them to settle land disputes between villages; referring in particular to the land rich in limestone deposits which was divided between two villages by unknown armed men to settle the dispute.

She also revealed that the gunmen have camps and hideouts in the bushes in a community called “ozu” where the traditional ruler and some members of the community come to visit them from time to time to talk and make arrangements.

Information was also gathered that the camps and operational bases which have been in the bush for years are also places where the group kills or detains many of its kidnappers and other victims and also places where they leave to carry out various activities and commit crimes within the state, especially in the Anambra South senatorial zone.

The man featured in the audio recording recalled that three people kidnapped in this town more than two years ago have not returned because there is a suspicion that they may have been killed.

He said the indigenes had conspired with some outsiders to commit evil and were camping in the forest in a community called “Ogbukwu”. He alleged that the traditional ruler of the community was aware of the evil going on in his kingdom, adding: “Okwute Amechi, some indigenes of the community have not returned home for the last six years because of unknown armed men. This is the scene we find ourselves in.”

Mrs Agueze, who also gave the location of the camps, revealed that the intimidating men have in their possession multiple vehicles and a man on a bicycle who works with them as a messenger.

She also revealed that the gunmen usually appear during the day and sometimes even come to her husband’s beer hall to drink and have a good time, or send someone to bring drinks to their camp.

However, when contacted earlier by the media for reaction and possible confirmation of the clips, the Spokesperson of the Anambra State Police Command, SP Ikenga Tochukwu, described the clips as information that appears credible and will be subjected to forensic analysis and proper investigation.

However, on Wednesday morning, New National Star journalists contacted the Public Relations Officer of the Anambra State Police Command, SP Ikenga Tochukwu, to find out what further investigations had been carried out and what possible arrests had been recorded, but he added that no new information had been received in the matter.

“I have no further information on this matter,” he said.