Upcoming Masonic Lodge Event –

Upcoming Masonic Lodge Event –


Elizabethtown – Cape Fear Masonic Lodge #300, PHA under the leadership of Worshipful Master Mario A. Wright presents its annual plate sale on July 20, 2024, starting at 1:00 PM until all supplies are sold. Proceeds are to help the lodge host annual community events such as Relay for Life, Back to School Festival, Widows of Deceased Brothers outreach, and free plates for the community during Martin Luther King Jr. Parade events, etc.

Last January, with the help of Eastern Star Sisters distribution, the Lodge distributed a total of 1,643 free plates of food. Here are details of some of the annual community events supported by Cape Fear Masonic Lodge #300, PHA.

Annual Community Events

1. The relay of life
– Raising money to support the American Cancer Society in their fight against cancer.

2. Back to School Festival
– An event designed to provide school supplies, resources, and fun activities for children and families to prepare for the new school year.

3. Support for widows of deceased brothers
– Financial and other regular assistance given to widows of deceased Lodge members to help them in difficult times.

4. Martin Luther King Jr. Parade
– During the parades, the Lodge hands out free plates of food to the community. Last January, with the help of the Sisters of the Eastern Star, the Lodge gave out a total of 1,643 “free” plates.

Upcoming Event – ​​Annual Plate Sale
Date: July 20, 2024
Time: Starts at 1:00 PM and lasts until all resources are sold.
Objective: Proceeds from the sale of plates will be used to fund the above-mentioned social events and support the initiatives.

Cape Fear Masonic Lodge #300 is located at 702 Martin Luther King Drive, Elizabethtown NC.

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