Upcoming Movie: Cast, Release Date Photos, and Plot for Dave and John Chernin’s High School Comedy

Upcoming Movie: Cast, Release Date Photos, and Plot for Dave and John Chernin’s High School Comedy

When Dave and John Chernin were kids, their next-door neighbor threw a party. “I remember sitting by the window with the lights off and Dave and I looking out into the yard at this crazy party next door and thinking, ‘This is the weirdest thing I’ve ever seen,’” says John Tudum. Two decades later, the writer-director brothers are throwing a party of their own—and you’re invited.

Incoming is the story of a night in the lives of a group of high school freshmen, the party they crash, and the chaos that ensues. The Chernins love high school comedies — citing influences as wide-ranging as Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Can’t wait, AND Very angry —and we wanted to put our stamp on the genre. “We always wanted to write a high school movie,” Dave says. “So we had been kicking around the idea of ​​a high school movie for over 15 years, and there were just little moments that we always jotted down in our notebooks.”

They finally found a structure that would connect those little moments from the notebook. “We landed on the title Incoming and I realized, ‘Oh, these are four college freshmen who go through this weird identity crisis in their early childhood,'” Dave continues. “That became the driving force behind the story.”

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What is Incoming about?

Four first-year students face the biggest challenge of their young lives: their first school party.

The Chernins, who previously wrote for It’s always sunny in Philadelphia and created Micksettled on Incoming as their debut feature film for a very simple reason. “We weren’t getting any younger,” John says with a laugh. “We were getting further away from our high school days with each passing day. So we thought, let’s just write this one and see what happens.”

The couple also felt a sense of civic responsibility to America’s teens. “It’s the kind of movie that hasn’t come around in a while,” Dave says. “It always seemed like there was one movie like that per generation. It was just something silly that valued laughter above all else, and I think we really wanted to see that, more than anything else.”

Spyglass Media Group/The Artists’ Way/Netflix

Spyglass Media Group/The Artists’ Way/Netflix

Spyglass Media Group/The Artists’ Way/Netflix

Who is in the cast? Incoming?

Cast Incoming contains:

  • Mason Thames (Black phone, For all humanity)
  • Ramon Reed (13: Musical, Just do it)
  • Rafal Alejandro (Once, Two-story)
  • Isabella Ferreira (Orange is the new black, Grey cells)
  • Bardia Seiri (Surgeons, Life in pieces)
  • Loren Gray (Light up with Loren Gray, Stranger)
  • Ali Gallo (Inhuman, Sexual life of female students)
  • Scott MacArthur (Mick, Fair gemstones)
  • Thomas Barbusca (Mick, The happiest girl in the world)
  • Kim Hawthorne (Green leaf, How to avoid punishment for murder)
  • Victoria Moroles (Teenage Werewolf, Liv and Maddie)
  • Kayvan Shai (FBI, Jallah Habibi)
  • Kaitlin Olson (It’s always sunny in Philadelphia, Hacks)
  • Bobby Kannavale (Irishman, Third Watch)

“Mason is someone we just heard about,” John Chernin says of Thames, who plays the lead role of Benj. “We heard something like, ‘You’ve got to see this kid in Black phone. He’s so great.’ And then he was just such a sweet kid and wanted to be a part of this movie so much that he said, ‘I’ll come and read for everybody.'”

In addition to Thames, the main cast Incoming is a roster of new comedic faces, including Ramon Reed, Raphael Alejandro, Isabella Ferreira and Bardia Seiri. One slightly more familiar face is Loren Gray, the singer-songwriter and TikTok queen who plays a high school girl who is, well, cool. “When we first met Loren, we were like, ‘Oh man, she’s really funny,’” John says. “She has a really cool sense of humor.”

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And the fans It’s always sunny in Philadelphia will spot another beloved actress: Kaitlin Olson, who plays Benj’s mother in the film. “We begged her to do it,” Dave says. “Kaitlin has this thing where she always gives you more than what’s on the page. So I think it was a relatively simple character in the script. But she’s such a force of nature when she walks on set that she finds comedy everywhere that wasn’t on the page.”

“We beg Kaitlin to play any role in anything we ever do,” John adds. Who wouldn’t?

Spyglass Media Group/The Artists’ Way/Netflix

When Incoming be on Netflix?

Incoming will be available on Netflix on August 23.

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