Beyond the Lights: A Behind the Scenes Journey at the Maison Saedi Fashion Show

Beyond the Lights: A Behind the Scenes Journey at the Maison Saedi Fashion Show

Have you ever wondered what it’s like backstage at a fashion show? What goes into getting the models all dolled up and dressed for the runway? We got to experience it first-hand.

Downtown Cairo’s Cinema Radio Theatre hosted Egyptian designer Ahmed Saedi’s latest collection, titled “ECHOES,” a show that we saw woven together by the inner workings of the world behind the scenes. Come and see:

Meeting with models

At first glance, many people think that models have this outer shell that makes them hard to break down. When they step onto the runway, they have a reserved and collected demeanor that makes them feel distant and cold. I was lucky enough to see how far from the truth that impression is.

Upon first entering, approaching the models was no easy feat. Seeing as they were faced with huge, bright light rings and the hands of multiple makeup artists decorating their faces with bold lines and vibrant shades, even getting within an inch of the models proved to be a challenge.

Luckily, once I managed to get the attention of one of the makeup artists, I was finally able to talk to the models.

I wanted to meet the models, but when I started talking to the first one, she had a fit of laughter. It turned out that most of the models barely spoke English and were very shy. One of them noticed my struggle and started pointing at all the models who spoke English. Help!

Talking to each of them, they were all so nice, with big smiles on their faces and a shared enthusiasm for modeling. The best part is that they really know how to stay calm when we are working on them.

I discovered that they came from all over the world, from countries such as Brazil, Argentina and Serbia, as well as Tunisia. For the first time, some are modeling in Egypt, including Brazilian model Bia Freitas.

The Magic of Makeup and Clothing: A Transformation on the Runway

Starting with crop tops, jeans and a bare-faced bun, with the only make-up being a cut crease eyeshadow, the massive transformation took place just minutes before the show. Saedi’s signature bold, original pieces and extraordinary fabrics came to life on every single model.

He himself showed up, juggling between giving interviews and expertly pinning his exquisite dresses on each model. It was special to see him at work, knowing that he has over 12 years of experience.

In an instant, the pace began to pick up, with models on their feet running from corner to corner to put the finishing touches on their dresses. A loud “one, two, three, four…” was shouted by models from one of the workers as they tracked their location.

Slowly but surely, wild, three-dimensional shapes, swirls and feathers began to emerge from each model. Saedi’s unique designs truly came to life after five hours of intense work and precision. The best part was that each of these models felt confident and powerful, a goal that Saedi always puts first.

A dose of refreshment

Amid the zigzagging crowd of models, make-up artists, designers and other staff crammed into the tight space backstage, waiters expertly carrying refreshing non-alcoholic cocktails with candies growing out of them began serving guests.

There wasn’t a single model inside who didn’t have one of these drinks in their hand, that cold beverage that would give them a much-needed energy boost before their escape.

Towards the runway

The moment before the models went on the runaway, we all had to leave the room. I took one last look at the world backstage, saying goodbye, waving to the models, wishing them luck before they went on stage.

Stepping into the world behind the scenes for the first time is an experience that teaches you many life lessons, including not judging a book by its cover, learning from experience, and discovering new worlds in our ever-evolving society.

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