The Night Caller star Sean Pertwee on the devastating loss of his son

The Night Caller star Sean Pertwee on the devastating loss of his son

Sean Pertwee has a name as famous as his face – thanks to his Doctor Who star father and talented family – and now he stars in Channel 5 thriller The Night Caller, in which his character isn’t quite what he seems…

The actor plays the role of a radio presenter who is not as nice a guy as his public image would suggest.

Here’s everything you need to know about The Night Caller star Sean Pertwee, including his famous family, his long-time wife and the tragedy that rocked their world.

Sean Pertwee and Robert Glenister play radio DJ Lawrence and stalker Tony in The Night Caller (Source: Channel 5)

Who plays Lawrence in Channel 5’s The Night Caller?

Actor Sean Pertwee stars as Lawrence in Channel 5’s The Night Caller. The miniseries will air on consecutive nights from Sunday 7 July 2024 to Wednesday 10 July 2024.

The Channel 5 series follows a taxi driver called Tony from Liverpool who was once a respected teacher but lost his job, his confidence and then his marriage.

All he has left is his friendship with the café worker Rosa and the evening radio talk show he listens to at work, hosted by a man named Lawrence.

One day Tony finds the courage to call Lawrence on the air and becomes a friend of the show, calling regularly. For the first time in years Tony feels like someone is listening to him.

But Tony, far from a healthy hobby, becomes obsessed with his new outlet. In tense scenes, Tony begins to interpret Lawrence’s worldview in dangerous ways.

And when Tony realizes that the real Lawrence is not who he claims to be, he flies into a rage…

What is The Night Caller star Sean Pertwee famous for? What has he starred in?

Most of you don’t need reminding that Sean is the son of the late actor Jon Pertwee, who was best known for playing Doctor Who from 1970-1974 (with a brief return in 1983).

But Sean is very famous in his own right, having starred in a number of TV and film productions since the 80s. Those of a certain age (ahem, ahem, like me) will probably recognise him as Jamie Douglas opposite Clive Owen in The Chancer. He then played Ian Worrell in Bodyguards and Mark Cubitt in Cold Feet.

In 2008, he played DS Ed Bain in Amanda Redman’s drama Honest, then played Charlie in the television miniseries Jo. From 2014 to 2019, he played Alfred Pennyworth in the American Batman story Gotham.

He recently starred as Vic in the Netflix mega-hit You and DI John Flynn in Silent Witness. He is also known for a number of film roles, including Sergeant Wells in Dog Soldiers and Smitty in Event Horizon.

Sean Pertwee with wife Jacqui Hamilton-Smith and son Alfred in 2013. (Source: FameFlynet UK/

Is Sean Pertwee the voice of Masterchef?

Food lovers may also recognize the smooth voice of Sean Pertwee. He has narrated MasterChef: The Professionals since 2011.

Sean has also narrated dozens of other television shows, including Hollywood Icons, The Unsinkable Titanic, When Films Go Horribly Wrong, and Nuclear Secrets. He has also lent his voice to video games, including Medieval: Total War.

It’s no wonder he was cast as a soothing radio DJ in The Night Caller…

Has Night Caller star Sean Pertwee starred in Doctor Who?

Sean Pertwee did NOT star in Doctor Who, unlike his famous father who played the Third Doctor.

However, Sean did appear briefly as himself in a story celebrating the 50th anniversary of The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot in 2013.

Sean was reportedly often asked if he would play the role of the Third Doctor if asked as a tribute to his father. But Sean said he would never consider taking on the role.

Who is Sean Pertwee’s wife?

Sean Pertwee is married to Jacqueline Hamilton-Smith. They married in 1999 surrounded by friends and family – including the coolest celebrities of the day. Guests included a young Kate Moss at the height of her fame, and actors Sadie Frost, Jude Law and Jonny Lee Miller.

Jacqueline, also known as Jacqui, is a make-up artist and the daughter of former MP Anthony Hamilton-Smith. Sean and Jacqui got married in the House of Lords!

Every year, Sean celebrates his wedding anniversary on his official Instagram page. In June 2024, on the occasion of his 25th wedding anniversary, Sean wrote, “25 years ago today I married my partner, my wife, the love of my life. I love you, I love you.”

In previous years he had said that he “loved her more and more every day.”

Does Sean have children? What happened to his son?

Sean and Jacqui welcomed twins, Alfred and Gilbert, in 2001. They were born prematurely and, tragically, Gilbert died four days later.

Speaking to The Guardian in 2016, Sean said: “My wife, Jacqui, had our twins in 2001 and we lost one. We lost Gilbert, while Alfred (Freddy) survived, which was a miracle because they were born prematurely at 25 weeks.

“Gilbert only lived for four days, and Freddy survived after three and a half months in a coma. When Freddy recovered, I promised him that I would always be proud of him, I would always be there for him. No matter what decision he made in life, I would support him as best I could.”

Freddy is now 23. Describing his son, Sean said: “Freddy is an incredibly calm kid. He always was; he’s got an older soul. I don’t know if it’s because he’s got his brother on his arm, but he’s got this incredible calmness that I never had. I’ve always been frantic and agitated and angry about things, and he’s not. That’s one of the reasons he survived. His spirit was there, even though he was in a coma.”

Jon Pertwee with his wife and children, including Sean Pertwee, in 1969 (Source: Jon Lyons/Shutterstock)

Is Is Sean Pertwee related to Jon Pertwee?

Sean Pertwee is the son of famous actor Jon Pertwee. In addition to playing Doctor Who, Jon was also known for playing Worzel Gummidge in the television series of the same name.

Unlike his father, who was known primarily as a comedic actor on stage, radio and in films, Sean took a different career path and trained as a classical actor.

Sadly, Jon passed away in 1996 and never met his grandchildren. He was 76 when he died of a heart attack. Before becoming an actor, Jon worked for Naval Intelligence during World War II and even met Winston Churchill and Alexander Fleming.

Speaking about his father to The Guardian, Sean said: “My father died in 1996 and I miss him terribly. There are so many things I wish I could talk to him about. We often disagreed but now I realise he was right about a lot of things. I wish I could just say, ‘Papa, you’ve hit the nail on the head on this one!’

In addition to his famous father, Sean is also the cousin of actor and comedian Bill Pertwee, nephew of playwright and screenwriter Michael Pertwee and grandson of director and actor Roland Pertwee.

Sean’s older sister, Dariel Pertwee, is also in the business. She is an actress known for her roles in The Bill, Silent Witness, Perfect World and The Buddha of Suburbia. However, she has not appeared on the small screen since 2014. She is now a qualified psychotherapist and counsellor.

How old is The Night Caller star Sean Pertwee? Where is he from?

Sean Carl Roland Pertwee was born on 4 June 1964 in Hammersmith, London.

He is currently 60 years old.

Although he largely grew up in Ibiza with his family, he attended Teddington Boys’ School in Richmond upon Thames and Sunbury College in Surrey. He trained at the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School until graduating in 1986. Sean then toured with the Royal Shakespeare Company for three years.

Speaking about his childhood, he told The Guardian: “I grew up in Ibiza, where we had this idyllic, bohemian lifestyle. We lived in a house with no electricity on top of a hill overlooking Talamanca. I would go out and play in the valley and my dad would blow his cowbell when it was time for dinner.

“My older sister, Dariel, and I were never patronized, we always felt like we were part of what was going on with the adults. That’s what I remember – freedom and respect.”

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Night Caller will finish on Wednesday 10 July 2024 at 9pm on Channel 5. All episodes are currently available to watch on My5.

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