Woman Asks Bae For KSh70K For Hair And Nails: “Today’s Relationships Are Based On Money, Not Love”

Woman Asks Bae For KSh70K For Hair And Nails: “Today’s Relationships Are Based On Money, Not Love”

  • A woman wrote on TikTok that 35,000 Kenyan shillings is not enough to pay for a haircut and manicure
  • A woman named Lerato Mthethwa made it clear that she was demanding when she quoted a price for hair and nail services
  • Internet users were amazed by the woman’s high expectations and asked if she would pay for her boyfriend’s haircut

Being a woman is incredibly expensive in terms of upkeep.

Mzansi announced that KSh70k is not enough for hair and nails. Photo: @lerator_m
Source: UGC

Taking care of a woman’s appearance involves taking a day to relax at the spa, get your nails done, relax at the hair salon, and do a little shopping.

Hair and nails cost over KSh 70k

Lerato Mthethwa sparked controversy on TikTok when she announced how much she wanted from a man for a day of maintenance. Mthethwa posted a skit on her TikTok in which she imitated the voice of a woman who seemed uninterested in the man.

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She didn’t like the 35,000 KSH her staged boyfriend gave her for her nails and hair. The woman captioned her clip:

“Sir, please tell him that the nails alone cost KSh 70,000, I need more money”

Watch the video below:

Dating rich men in africa

Women like to be in relationships where men are the breadwinners. This makes a woman’s life much easier than it used to be.

Even though keeping a woman is ridiculously expensive, women in the comments wanted to get some tips to help them gather the courage to ask a man for money:

@MaGumede shared her struggles:

“I didn’t even get 200 this time.”

@Keletso announced that he is not the target audience:

“My entire salary.”

@MaMnisiii found her beloved:

“I’m glad that now I’m with a guy who gives me everything without asking.”

@Buhleomhle no longer wants to be seen as Mrs. Independent:

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“I need a formula that tells me how to get the money, because wow, if Kuthiwa is INDEPENDENT, then I am.”

@marshaliine needs a blessing:

“Where can we find these guys who pay 5k for hair and nails?”

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