Director of Jenny Ortega’s upcoming film reveals how ‘wild’ it was when it broke on Wednesday

Director of Jenny Ortega’s upcoming film reveals how ‘wild’ it was when it broke on Wednesday

When an actor’s career unexpectedly falls apart, it can negatively impact projects he was already involved with.

All in favor Euphoria will certainly be pleased with the success of the program’s stars, whose careers have gained momentum.

But if you asked Sam Levinson if it would have been easier to bring a third season to screens if Jacob Elordi, Sydney Sweeney, and Zendaya hadn’t fallen apart, he’d be lying if he said no.

This also applied to Jena Ortega’s career.

Jenna Ortega also gained attention for her role in the controversial film Miller’s Girl. (Lionsgate)

While Ortega has been working solidly for several years now, her career really took off with the release of the Netflix series Wednesday.

This had a few side effects. First, due to her busy schedule, she was recast in the TV series Jurassic World: Chaos Theory.

The second thing is that it had a significant impact on Winter Spring Summer or Fallupcoming romantic drama in which she is set to play the lead role.

Winter Spring Summer or Fall will see her star alongside Percy Hynes White, her Wednesday co-star.

Hynes White and Ortega on Wednesday

In the film, Ortega plays Remi Aguilar, “an ambitious genius with a bright future” who falls in love with Barnes Hawthorn, a “music-loving rebel.”

The series takes place over the course of one day each season and aims to show the characters’ love story.

Despite starring together in the film, Hynes White will not return for the second season Wednesday. It has not yet been confirmed that this is related to the sexual assault accusations made against him on Twitter.

Hynes White denies the allegations. As of this writing, no formal charges have been filed against him.

Instagram/Percy Hynes White

Director Tiffany Paulsen told The Hollywood Reporter how “crazy” it was Wednesday exploded.

Paulsen, who also wrote the film’s screenplay, stated that Ortega was their “first choice” and called the casting “a dream.”

She added: “Then we went through a long process of working on a script, pitching it to studios, trying to find financing — that road takes time.

Ortega’s career has exploded since Wednesday. (Netflix)

“When we finally got around to making this film, Wednesday was in the can and Netflix was getting ready to premiere it.

“So we had this crazy scheduling situation where, in order for Jenna to be in the movie, we had to start shooting on Halloween in October 2022.

“Then we had to shut down production for three weeks so she and Percy could go and do it all. Wednesday Press.”

Paulsen said filming after…Wednesday as “pandemonium,” saying, “It was fans and madness, and we were in the middle of nowhere in Utah and they were checking out where we were filming.

“It was very exciting, but the ending was completely different from where we started the movie.”