Celebrate Indigenous Art at Elemental Landscapes Exhibition Opening

Celebrate Indigenous Art at Elemental Landscapes Exhibition Opening

“Earth Spirit” by Joanne Brings Thunder

JACKSON, Wyoming — Jackson Hole History invites the community to welcome Wind River artists for the opening of “Elemental Landscapes: A Celebration of Indigenous Art.”

During the opening reception on Wednesday, July 10 from 4:00-5:30 p.m., attendees will meet curator Lynette St. Clair of Fort Washakie and the artists whose work is featured in the Elemental Landscapes exhibition. The event is free and open to the public, and light refreshments and snacks will be served in the upstairs gallery.

Elemental Landscapes showcases six contemporary Wind River artists: Talissa Abeyta, Joanne Brings Thunder, Al Hubbard, Sarah Ortegon-High Walking, Aiyana Perez, and Shoshana Tillman. Panels dedicated to each artist with biographies, artist statements, and links to the artists’ websites encourage viewers to learn more about the artists.

Curated by Lynette St. Clair. Photo: Courtesy of Lynette St. Clair

“This exhibition explores the powerful relationship between Native American art and the natural world through the lens of the elements: earth, air, fire, and water,” curator Lynette St. Claire said in a statement. “As curator, I focused on assembling a diverse group of contemporary Native American artists whose work reflected a deep respect for the land and its forces.”

Talissa Abeyta is a Native American contemporary artist and descendant of the Easter Shoshone/Northern Arapaho/Paiute Tribes, raised on the Wind River Indian Reservation in Wyoming. Talissa enjoys working with acrylics, watercolors, prints, and book art. She is a compassionate optimist who is inspired by love, heritage, and life.

Hello, I’m Talissa Abeyta. Photo: Courtesy of Talissa Abeyta
Joanne Brings Thunder. Photo: Courtesy of Joanne Brings Thunder

Joanne brings the lightning is a registered member of the Easter Shoshone Tribe/Wind River Indian Reservation in Wyoming. She is a multi-faceted artist and award-winning architect who was introduced to Northern Plains Indian art at the age of five. Joanne paints on canvas, office paper, parfleche, and hides. Each piece is created with thoughtful patience, authenticity, and pride, integrating ancestral legend, symbolism, and history for all to enjoy.

Al Hubbard is a Northern Arapaho and Navajo multimedia artist born in Idaho Falls, Idaho. Al’s projects have ranged from painting to installation and printmaking. His work connects the histories, memories and iconography of the Northern Arapaho and Navajo Nations, creating a direct connection to preserving the past, living today and preparing for the future.

Al Hubbard. Photo: Courtesy of Al Hubbard
Sarah Ortega HighWalking. Photo: Courtesy of Sarah Ortega HighWalking

Sarah Ortegon HighWandering is an Eastern Shoshone/Northern Arapaho living in Denver, Colorado. Sarah creates mixed media on canvas with beads, feathers, drawing, painting, and acrylic paints, and graphite. She began mixing painting, drawing, and beads because she was tired of seeing art galleries repressing the work of her ancestors.

Aiyana Perez is a visual artist who focuses on the natural beauty of life from a surrealist perspective through paintings and public art. She also explores various forms of art such as digital media, stained glass, and photography; anything that allows her inner creativity to resonate. She opened SageBrush Studio in Lander in 2022 to expand the conventional art environment of Lander, Wyoming, inspire local artists, and develop her own skills.

Aiyana Perez, translation: Photo: courtesy of Aiyana Perez.
Shoshana Tillman. Photo: Courtesy
Shoshana Tillman

Shoshana Tillman is a member of the Eastern Shoshone Tribe of the Wind River Reservation. She is a self-proclaimed self-taught artist who discovered painting as one of her many creative outlets. Her favorite medium is acrylic, and she is open to experimenting with water colors, oils, and mixed media.