How EA Sports’ Upcoming College Football 25 Video Game Rates the Hawkeyes

How EA Sports’ Upcoming College Football 25 Video Game Rates the Hawkeyes

Jay Higgins and Sebastian Castro are the highest rated American football players in the state of Iowa

Iowa linebacker Sebastian Castro (29) and linebacker Jay Higgins (34) tackle Utah State’s Robert Briggs Jr. (2) in the first quarter of Iowa’s win over the Aggies in 2023 at Kinnick Stadium. (Savannah Blake/The Gazette)

IOWA CITY — Leshon Williams was in for quite a surprise when the trailer for EA Sports’ upcoming College Football 25 video game was released.

The Iowa football player — or rather, his digital likeness — appeared in a two-minute promotional video as he competed in the Iowa Wave race.

“It was very exciting,” Williams said last month. “Being the hardcore Madden player that I am, and knowing that I’m going to be a hardcore NCAA player, my kids can always look at that cover and say, ‘Hey, that’s me.’”

His digital replica didn’t have any of the tattoos on his right arm, but “it’s all good.” He’s still in the game, after all.

Now, with the video game’s July 19 release fast approaching, EA Sports has released individual and team ratings. Here’s how the Hawkeyes stack up nationally and against their Big Ten counterparts:

The best players

EA Sports has released its rankings of the game’s top 100 players, and four Hawkeyes players are among them:

  • LB Jay Higgins: 94 overall, 16th best player in the game; 82 speed, 85 acceleration, 81 strength, 95 awareness, 80 jumping
  • DB Sebastian Castro: 92 overall, 38th best player in the game; 92 speed, 91 acceleration, 75 strength, 91 awareness, 85 jumping
  • LB Nick Jackson: 90 overall, 86th best player in the game; 81 speed, 86 acceleration, 81 strength, 91 awareness, 84 jumping
  • DB Xavier Nwankpa: 90 overall, 97th best player in the game; 90 for speed, 93 for acceleration, 73 for strength, 85 for awareness, 92 for jumping

According to EA Sports, ratings “may change in future title updates.”

Ratings of the whole team

Iowa is the 25th best team in the game with an overall rating of 87. It ranks seventh in the 18-team Big Ten behind Ohio State (93 overall rating), Oregon (93 overall rating), Penn State (88 overall rating), Michigan (88 overall rating), Wisconsin (87 overall rating) and USC (87 overall rating).

Iowa’s defense, despite leading the nation in yards allowed per rush for two consecutive seasons, is just the 13th-best defense in the game with an overall rating of 88. Iowa’s offense was not surprisingly in the top 25 that EA Sports released earlier this summer.

Kinnick Stadium is ranked 20th on EA Sports’ list of the most difficult places to play. Some of the factors that go into the ranking, according to EA, include home win percentage, attendance, home winning streak, and “team prestige.” Big Ten teams with higher-rated stadiums include Ohio State, Penn State, Wisconsin, Oregon, and Michigan.

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