Why does sustainable fashion still have a problem with plus size bodies?

Why does sustainable fashion still have a problem with plus size bodies?

I decided it would be best to respond directly to the comment with another video. I hoped it would encourage them to seek meaningful change by addressing the real issues—patriarchy and capitalism—or by writing to brands and running campaigns, rather than attacking larger black content creators.

I said, “I would love a world where I could wear sustainable clothes – truly sustainable clothes – every single day. But as a plus-size woman, that’s not always affordable or accessible to me. For someone to comment and assume that I can afford sustainable clothes or a whole sustainable wardrobe when there aren’t that many plus-size sizes, that’s not smart at all.”

A comment from one of my fans, @Theludensatlas, perfectly captures and explains the dilemma we face when it comes to clothing.

  1. Clothes that fit and are fashionable
  2. Clothes that are sustainable
  3. Affordable clothes

If you don’t have a lot of money, achieving one or two of these goals is possible, but rarely all three. For people of larger size, this challenge is even more daunting.

I’ve always loved shopping vintage or supporting slow fashion. As an ambassador for Crisis, a charity dedicated to ending homelessness, I used to work for The Emperor’s Old Clothes in Brighton, a small sustainable brand that focuses on slow production and incredible size inclusivity. But finding trendy, big clothes in charity shops is almost impossible. It seems like the two can’t coexist.

Gareth Cattermole

Luckily, my job gives me the privilege of occasionally receiving gifts of beautiful, sustainable, and slow fashion pieces from brands I love, like Beyond Nine; an amazing brand that adapts to women’s changing bodies.

Reformation is also a great slow fashion brand that offers big sizes, but I have to say again that I am lucky to have received the clothes I have as gifts – otherwise the high price tag would have been prohibitive. Without those gifts I would not have been able to afford them.