‘My Divorce Shaken Me to the Core’: Meagan Good Opens Up About Her Post-Marriage Life on Club Shay Shay

‘My Divorce Shaken Me to the Core’: Meagan Good Opens Up About Her Post-Marriage Life on Club Shay Shay


Meagan Good has been in the entertainment industry for 30 years, starting out as a childhood star in cult classics like Ewa’s Bay AND Cousin Skeeterbecame a trained actress adored by her peers in Black Hollywood and beyond. As she began to transform her craft, so did her personal life. In 2012, on the set of the film ‘Jumping over the broom, was one of the stars, and Franklin was the director of the distribution company that released the project. She married pastor and producer DeVon Franklin, infatuated and in love, hoping for their union. Good has previously been quoted speaking highly of Franklin and reflecting on her experiences in an abusive relationship. “The first thing God told me was that it was time to get out of that relationship. The second thing God told me was that it was time to be celibate. The third thing God told me was that DeVon was my husband.”

However, after nine years, in December 2021, Good and her ex-husband Franklin publicly announced they were divorcing after nine years of marriage, and we later learned the decision was not hers. Their divorce was finalized on June 23, 2022, after their 10th wedding anniversary.

Although Good took some time to grieve and gradually overcome her failed marriage to Franklin, dating actor Jonathan Majors for several months, her divorce weighs on her. She expressed her disappointment and confusion during a recent appearance on Club Shay Shay. “My divorce shook me to my core,” she revealed on the podcast. She continued, “Lord, you asked me to be celibate, and I was; you told me to get married, and I did. I tried to do everything the best I could, and no, I didn’t do everything perfectly, but I don’t know if I could have done anything differently, to be honest with you.”

NEW YORK, NEW YORK – JULY 08: Meagan Good and Jonathan Majors attend the New York premiere of Tyler Perry’s “Divorce Written in Black” at Regal Times Square on July 08, 2024 in New York City. (Photo: Johnny Nunez/FilmMagic)

Good shared that she didn’t understand why her marriage ended. “I wondered, ‘Why is this happening?’ My biggest fear was that my husband would leave me after 10 years of marriage, like my dad left my mom, and that’s exactly what happened.”

According to Good, it took a lot of prayer, evaluation, and study to get her back to a healed, whole, and happy space. “It was a lot of rediscovering God and realizing that sometimes the way we see and understand things is not that it’s not true, but we’re just going through different seasons.”

She continued, “I was so mad at DeVon at the time, but now I think what he did was brave. In order for us to grow to where we needed to grow, we should have been married for that specific amount of time. Now I can look at DeVon and say, ‘That’s a good person,’ and be grateful for our time together.”

Now it’s a new season for Meagan, with a new movie, Tyler Perry’s Divorce In Black, and a new man, Majors, who seems as supportive of Good as she is of him. “Jonathan was the one who told me to ask for a certain amount for my latest movie.”

Good seems happy and in good spirits, especially with her new man, Majors. “My man is sexy to me!” she exclaimed to Shannon Sharpe.