DARK TRANQUILLITY Shares Music Video for Single “Not Nothing” from Upcoming Album “Endtime Signals”

DARK TRANQUILLITY Shares Music Video for Single “Not Nothing” from Upcoming Album “Endtime Signals”

Pioneers of Swedish melodic death metal DARK PEACE released the official music video for “No, nothing”the third single from their upcoming album “Signals of the End Times”which will be released on August 16 by Century Media Record Label.

According to a press release, “No, nothing” “is about the insignificance of humanity in the grand scheme of things. This philosophical provocation fits in perfectly with the overall grim themes “Signals of the End Times”.”

In addition, the pre-sale phase “Signals of the End Times” has begun and fans around the world can now secure their copies in various LP and CD formats, as well as the digital version “Signals of the End Times”.

DARK PEACE vocalist Mikael Stanne comments: “‘No, nothing’ is an existential element “Signals of the End Times” which we think shows some of the diversity the album contains. Turn it up and let us know what you think!”

Especially, “Signals of the End Times” marks not only the band’s thirteenth studio album, but also the tenth album recorded in collaboration with Century Media Record Label. Building on the success of previous releases such as “Atom” (2016), which climbed to number 2 on the Swedish charts, and “Moment” (2020), which earned the band a Swedish award Grammar award, the band aims to continue to redefine and deliver the ultimate musical experience with “Signals of the End Times”.

In March, DARK PEACE shared a visualization of the first single from the album, “The Last Imagination”.

Welcome to the world DARK PEACE once again,” the band said. “It’s been a while since ‘Moment’ and we’ve been through a lot to get to where we are today. But as we reveal the first single from the upcoming “Signals of the End Times”“it’s accompanied by a feeling of pride, accomplishment and a bit of relief.”

The band continued: “Getting back to what we fundamentally believe is the point DARK PEACEwith a partially new line-up, was an incredible experience. It gave us the opportunity to re-evaluate and look at what we had built from a new and exciting perspective. It resulted in a focused and intense writing period during which we rediscovered aspects of our music and developed some elements of it further than before. Joakim Strandberg Nilson he showed above-average talent in playing the drums, Christian Jansson keeping up in a fierce and precise way. It made the writing and recording process challenging, different and inspiring in the best possible way.”

Discussing the album as a whole, the band said: “Thematically, the album is about where we’re headed, what’s really and fundamentally changed about us, and how we’re dealing with it. It’s been hard to find that spark of positivity lately, and there’s a sense of regret that runs through the album. Not just in terms of mourning what we’ve lost on a personal level, but also in terms of where our sacrifices have taken us.” “The Last Imagination” in particular, it takes it to its logical conclusion and speaks to what we leave behind and how difficult it is for us to grasp that our significance may not be what we imagined.

“The breadth of the album is something we have worked hard to achieve and we believe this first song gives a hint, if not the full picture, of what lies ahead. There is deadly speed, crushing brutality and the haunting melodies of devastating loss. This is us keeping a promise to ourselves and our ongoing mission.”

“The Last Imagination” stands as a lighthouse DARK PEACEUnparalleled craftsmanship: The band delves into the depths of the human experience and ponders the impermanence of life, with profound lyrical narrative and captivating melodies. This single challenges listeners to confront the finality of their stories, unheard and untold.

With the release, Niklas Sundinthe band’s former guitarist and long-time collaborator, created some captivating visuals, including a visualizer “The Last Imagination”.

In May, a music video for the second single from the album was released, “Unpardonable”was created while the band was on tour. Filmed during the band’s tours in Turkey and Mexico, the clip is a manifesto DARK PEACEenergy and live presence, as well as dedication to their loyal fans around the world.

Stanne said: “The film was made during our recent tours in Turkey and Mexico, ‘Unpardonable’ The clip shows the band in their true element. From the intense drums Joakim Strandberg Nilsson to the thundering bass Christian JanssonThe song is propelled forward at a pace the band hasn’t heard in years. The shredding guitars hold the structure together, while the electronic elements further emphasize the song’s urgency and desperation. A fresh surge of creativity and renewed vigor have produced a song that lyrically draws strength from frustration and helplessness in the face of oppression.”

The album’s release date, August 16, was chosen strategically: it is no coincidence that the album’s release coincides with the infamous Summer breeze in Dinkelsbühl in Germany and DARK PEACEfestival performance. As a special celebration of the new album’s release, the band will be giving a hot live performance, playing and partying until the release “Signals of the End Times” live on stage.


Mikael Stanne – Vocals
Johan Reinhold – Guitar
Martin Brandström – Electronics
Christian Jansson – Bas
Joakim Strandberg Nilsson – Drums

Photo credit: Alessandro di Martino