Meagan Good and Jonathan Majors in a romantic scene at the premiere of the film “Divorce Black”

Meagan Good and Jonathan Majors in a romantic scene at the premiere of the film “Divorce Black”

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The stars gathered in New York this week for the premiere Tyler PerryThe latest film, Divorce in the Black, which will be released on Amazon Prime on July 11. The film tells the story of Ava, played by Meagan Gooda young banking professional who goes through a painful journey of divorce after an abusive marriage, only to discover her true soulmate. Radio/TV personality Jazmyn Summers I met the stars on the black carpet for Radio One.

In many ways, the play mirrored the life of Good, who revealed she drew from her own divorce in 2021. Devon Franklin to authentically portray Ava’s journey. She said she channeled her feelings from her 2021 divorce to help people “feel seen” and “empower them. I want women and men to feel like, ‘Yes, I can do this.’ It feels like something is over, but something beautiful is beginning.”


Source: Joshua Washington / Joshua Washington

Good says she found her soulmate in the boy Jonathan Majors to whom she also credits for her new, athletic look. The 42-year-old actress stepped out in a dress that showed off her impressive six-pack and credited Majors for her motivation to work out. “Mr. Majors! He works out really, really hard. That’s an added benefit of someone who’s consistent. It’s changed my life and my physique,” ​​she shared.

The couple, who have been in a romantic relationship since 2023, showed off plenty of PDA throughout the evening as they danced and held hands. At one point, Majors drew in a small crowd with his energetic dance moves.

Good stood by Majors during his 2023 trial on assault and harassment charges, and she spoke openly about their supportive relationship. “The support that we were able to give each other, pouring into each other, the honest conversations, the love, the respect, just the care and concern, it was really wonderful,” she revealed.

She also responded to critics of their relationship, saying, “At the end of the day, I’m the one who has to live my life. I’m the one who has to get to heaven one day, prayerfully, and give an account to God for what I’ve done. So I want to be responsible for the choices that I make. I want to live the life that I want to live. Who I want to live with.”


Richard Lawson who plays the father in the film, revealed that he drew from his three previous marriages, but particularly his relationship with Tina Knowles, Beyonce’s mother, to play the loving husband and father in the film. And he said that despite their divorce, he and Tina are doing well as friends. “I’ve known her for 45 years. There will always be love.”

Source: Joshua Washington / Joshua Washington

Tyler Perry took a moment to praise 50 centswho is building a studio in Shreveport, Louisiana, and recently visited Perry. “I’m so proud of him, he’s amazing,” Perry said. “And he’s killing it.” Asked about a potential collaboration, Perry said he’s all for it “if he wants to.”

Actors from other Tyler Perry productions including Crystal Renee Hayslett, Tony Head, AND Nick Barreto stars such as Sherri Shepard AND King Gayle at the event.

The cast collectively praised Perry’s creativity and commitment to hiring black talent. Tony Head, who plays Perry on the TV series “Zatima,” said he’s “a genius.”

‘Divorce in the Black’ is set to captivate viewers with its powerful message of resilience, female empowerment and the promise of a new beginning. Premieres July 11t on Amazon Prime.

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