Upcoming Spider-Man Movies and TV Shows: Everything to Look Forward to from the Marvel Superhero

Upcoming Spider-Man Movies and TV Shows: Everything to Look Forward to from the Marvel Superhero

Spider-Man and his many popular characters take up a large portion of the many upcoming superhero movies on the list — specifically upcoming Marvel movies, we should say. Of course, the anticipation for projects in the character’s complex web extends beyond what’s on our upcoming 2024 movie schedule, as there are plenty of upcoming Marvel TV shows for fans of Peter Parker’s alter ego to look forward to. Let’s take a look at every new title on the big or small screen related to the friendly neighborhood hero that the Marvel Universe (or Marvel Multiverse) has to offer.

Venom: The Last Dance (October 25, 2024)

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After playing one of the best acting villains in Batman movies (Bane in The Dark Knight Rises), Tom Hardy gave a heroic take on one of Spider-Man’s most popular foes in the 2018 film Venom AND Venom: Let There Be Carnage in 2021. The actor returns as Eddie Brock in the third part titled Venom: The Last Dancewhich will hopefully bring some resolution to his end credits Spider-Man: No Way Home cameo.

Kraven the Hunter (December 13, 2024)

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After making her debut in the superhero film in the title role Kick ass and his brief tenure in the MCU as Quicksilver in Avengers: Age of UltronGolden Globe winner Aaron Taylor-Johnson reprises his third comic book role as one of Spidey’s most dastardly foes. JC Chandor at the helm Kraven the Hunterwhich will tell the story of a ruthless Russian predator, with Russell Crowe starring as his father.

Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man Season 1 – Disney+ (November 2, 2024)

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We never got to find out how Tom Holland’s Peter Parker got his powers, but anyone with a Disney+ subscription and curiosity will have a chance to find out when the upcoming animated series Your friendly neighborhood Spider-Manpremiere in November 2024. According to Marvel, Jeff Trammel will lead the show — it was previously announced that Spider-Man: Year One — which will feature a canon MCU hero entering the world of superheroism for the first time, and according to Variety, other popular characters such as Daredevil played by Charlie Cox will also appear.

Spider-Man: Beyond The Spider-Verse (TBD)

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Peter Parker is not the main character in what many consider the best Spider-Man movie of all time, the 2018 Oscar-winning animated classic Spider-Man: Into the Universebefore it got a dazzling sequel, Spider-Man: Through the Spider-Man UniverseAs we know from the 2023 blockbuster’s ending, which remains in limbo, Miles Morales’ journey is not over yet, and that will be the case as the story continues in Spider-Man: Beyond the Universewhich has been removed from Sony’s release schedule for now, but Brian Tyree Henry assured Deadline (via X) that it is “in the works.”

Spider-Man 4 (TBD)

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Even after what could have been an epic, interdimensional finale with Spider-Man: No Way HomePeter Parker’s journey in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is far from over. Tom Holland is returning for a fourth solo Spider-Man movie, but when it will be released and what it will be about remains a mystery for now.

Death (TBD)

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Sony is set to make history by releasing the first Marvel film starring a Latino actor, El Muerto, which has been restarted in January 2024. The film, about a luchador who faced Spider-Man in the ring in the comics, was pulled from the release schedule after rapper-actor Bad Bunny dropped out of the title role.

Untitled Sony/Marvel Olivia Wilde Project (TBD)

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In 2020, reports surfaced that Olivia Wilde would direct a Marvel movie for Sony that was rumored to be a continuation of the Spider-Woman story. Which of the multiple versions of the character might be included in the film (Jessica Drew? Gwen Stacy?), and no other plot or release date details have been announced since then, but a 2022 THR article claims that Wilde is still attached to the project, and in a later Variety article, Avi Arad promised that a Spider-Woman movie would be coming “sooner than you might expect.” It has not yet been confirmed whether he was referring to Wilde’s project.

Miles Morales live-action film (TBD)

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Miles Morales’ big-screen adventures look set to extend even further beyond the Spider-Verse, with Amy Pascal confirming in a Variety article (previously mentioned in our “Olivia Wilde’s Untitled Sony/Marvel Project” section) that a live-action film starring the arachnid is in the works. The question remains whether it will be a sequel Spider Universe Will it be the movie version of Miles or will it be a new story.

Noir, Season 1 – Amazon Prime (TBD)

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Spider-Verse also appears to be making its way to the small screen in the form of an upcoming live-action TV series featuring one of the more unique characters to appear in Spider-Man: Into the UniverseA series with a simple title Blackis also one of Nicolas Cage’s most anticipated projects, with the Oscar winner set to reprise his role as the detective-mechanic known as Spider-Man Noir once the film becomes available to watch with an Amazon Prime subscription.