Tyler Hilton and Megan Park’s Relationship Timeline

Tyler Hilton and Megan Park’s Relationship Timeline

Courtesy of Megan Park/Instagram

Tyler Hilton AND Megan Park found lasting love on the set — and their relationship inspired the film.

Hilton and Park first met while filming the 2007 film. Charlie Bartlettwhich quickly turned into a real-life romance once the cameras stopped rolling.

“We met while filming Charlie Bartlett together in Toronto. Our characters weren’t even supposed to interact in the original script, but when the producers met us independently — before we met or started filming — they felt we would have good chemistry, so they rewrote the script to have our characters fall in love,” Park recalled Weddings inside in June 2020. “They clearly had really good instincts! We went on a date the first night after filming, and the rest is history.”

After more than seven years together, One Tree Hill graduate asked Park to marry him.

“I was so nervous to propose! Even though we’d been together for about eight years and her family was like mine, I still asked her mom and dad for permission… just to make sure they had the final say before she stayed with me,” Hilton told the magazine. “They were so understanding. My grandma, one of my favorite people in the world, gave me her mother’s ring so I could propose to Megan. It was a little antique silver ring and it was just perfect.”

Hilton and The Secret Life of an American Teenager The alumni married in October 2015 and then welcomed daughter Winnie and son Benny.

Scroll down to see the full timeline of Hilton and Park’s relationship:

July 2006

Park and Hilton went on their first date after production wrapped. Charlie Bartlett began. They quickly became inseparable, prompting the film’s writers to adjust the script so their characters had an ultimate goal.

Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic

December 2013

Hilton proposed to Park, giving her an engagement ring.

“I would take Megan to the parking lot of the little apartment building I lived in when we first started dating, where she would come to visit me when she was still living in Canada,” he recalled. Weddings inside in June 2020. “We had a long-distance relationship for years and that’s where our relationship really took off. It sounded great in my head, but when we got there I was like, ‘Why did I take her to the parking lot to do that?’ I started losing my cool before I even got on my knees, (I) couldn’t even talk because I was so nervous.”

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October 2015

Hilton and Park married two years later. Mrs. PylePark’s 2008 movie mom A Cinderella Story: Once Upon a Song, presiding over the ceremony. Park’s Secret life co-workers, including Shailene Woodley AND Frances Raisaalso attended the wedding.

“It was exactly how we wanted it to be, and it was nice that after so many years together, we could finally celebrate our relationship with all our friends and family,” Park said in an exclusive interview. Us Weekly at that time. “It’s nice to have everyone we love in one place finally after all these years to celebrate our love for each other.”

August 2016

In addition to acting, Park has also stepped behind the camera. She directed Hilton in 2016. We are adults now opposite Katie Boland.

“Directing these two in the million-degree New York heat ,” Park wrote under a photo from the set on Instagram.

December 2019

Park gave birth to the couple’s daughter, Winnie, in December. They publicly confirmed the arrival of their little one in February 2020.

Courtesy of Megan Park/Instagram

“Remember that project I said I was working on…? The one I said was my favorite thing I’ve ever been a part of and it was killing me to have to hide it from you…?? Well @meganparkithere and I have kept it to ourselves long enough,” Hilton wrote on Instagram. “Everyone… meet the newest member of our team, our daughter, Winnie Hilton. It feels like we’ve known her our whole lives and being her dad (is) the most natural thing I’ve ever done. To say I’m fascinated by her doesn’t do her justice.”

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August 2020

Park’s feature film debut, Fall, Hilton’s special assistance was recognized.

“It’s funny. We had a hard time finding a piece of music for that one section,” Park said. Odette magazine in February 2022. “He had done some music before — he was working on this animated series with his production partner. We told him exactly what we wanted, bit by bit, in terms of what needed to be changed to fit that one scene. It was just a difficult piece to fit into a song. He wrote something and put it under his musical alias, which is BC Fog.”

She added: “There was no prejudice when we sent it to the music editor. They liked it and everyone really thought it was a perfect fit, and then we almost had no lyrics, but we decided to give it a go. Maisy was so sweet. We became friends. I said, ‘Hey, could you just sing these words?’ And she was so bummed. They did it in two different places, she’s in Nashville, he’s here in Canada, but I really love the song. It came out really well.”

July 2024

Park hid her pregnancy with the couple’s second child while directing her second feature film, My old ass.

“I’m a man, dad!!! Our family of 3 is now a family of 4!!” Hilton gushed on Instagram on July 9, confirming the birth of their son, Benny. “@megan_park was an absolute hero, carrying him around while she did post-production on her new movie @myoldassfilm, as well as press and traveling to Sundance Film Fest for the premiere! Winnie and I have been dying to meet him… and he did not disappoint.”