Why Fred Armisen Calls Natasha Lyonne’s Relationship ‘Successful’ Despite Their Breakup

Why Fred Armisen Calls Natasha Lyonne’s Relationship ‘Successful’ Despite Their Breakup

Fred Armisen AND Natasha LyonneThe relationship ended, but he still considers the affair a success.

“I recently had a girlfriend of seven years, Natasha, and I was with her for a long time,” Armisen, 57, said in an episode of the show that aired Tuesday, July 9. David DuchovnyLemonade Media’s Fail Better Podcast: “I Thought It Was a Successful Relationship”

Armisen explained that he “liked the feeling” of his and Lyonne’s relationship and how their dynamic was different from his previous relationships. Although the couple ended their relationship in 2022, Saturday Night Live alumna shared that ending her relationship with 45-year-old Lyonne was a sign of growth and maturity.

“It ended well, and, well, we’re still friends. It made me feel like it was part of growing older, that I could approach the relationship in a different way,” he recalled. “I can look back on that relationship with a kind of quiet happiness, and that’s what it was.”

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While Armisen realizes that for many people ending a relationship with a breakup would not be an accomplishment, he sees it differently because each person’s situation is unique.

“The older I get, the more couples I know are breaking up. I don’t mean that in a negative or cynical way,” he noted. “That’s what drives me, life is like that, there are different versions of relationships and different versions of success. What’s great is that it’s all calming.”

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Lyonne and Armisen started dating in 2014 after being introduced to each other through their mutual friends. Maya RudolphThe couple dated until 2022, when Russian doll the actress announced their breakup.

“I was living (in Los Angeles) with Fred and during COVID. Honestly, I think we broke up because I wanted a pool,” Lyonne said Hollywood Reporter in an April 2022 profile: “We love each other about as much as two people can love each other, and we still talk all the time, but Freddy doesn’t like the pool.”

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She continued: “It may seem like a trivial reason to break up, but during the pandemic, you have to get outside – I think to myself. Burt Lancaster IN Swimmer. So I bought myself a house with a pool in Los Angeles. It’s a real scandal. I guess I’m finally truly bicoastal.”

Despite their split, the duo remain friends. When Lyonne visited SNL for the first time in May 2022, Arimsen was with her during the monologue.

“You know, Freddie and I, we dated for seven years,” Lyonne joked to the audience. “Yeah, we’re the only couple that had a sex tape that nobody wanted to buy.”