Erica Mena took to social media to express her frustration with ex-husband Safaree Samuels, accusing him of being an absent father to their two children, Safire Majesty Samuels, 4, and Legend Brian Samuels, 3.

In a devastating post, Mena did not spare words to express her frustration.

She began, “I’ve really been sparring you for so long, but enough is enough. You love the social media attention, so here it is.”

Mena criticized Safaree for going long periods without seeing his children, stating, “You no longer see these kids for months at a time by choice. Last time you didn’t see them for two months. You finally show up at Legend’s birthday party – empty handed and NEVER offer to pay half for anything like you always do. You show up for a quick photo opportunity with them every few months and then you leave.”

Mena continued to express frustration over Safaree’s lack of care for their children.

She wrote: “Finally decided to buy them last Saturday. Legend came with her hair already braided. Apparently it had to be taken down. But I just assume since so-called aunt and grandma were in town, my baby will be fine. Right??”

“How come no one thought to take out my baby pigtails and wash his hair?!!?! Especially since he was in a chlorinated pool,” she asked.

She also criticized Safaree’s priorities, contrasting his focus on his appearance with his neglect of their children’s needs.

“Sis @safaree You have no problem being a bad b*tch all the time. Why can’t my kids be dressed and have their hair done properly like you do when you have them? Besides being a bad b*tch, you really need to take care of your kids, so that’s where I draw the line.”

“You know I can go on and on about all the mean things you don’t do for your kids just because you think you want to hurt me, but the fact that you don’t take care of your appearance and dress your kids appropriately every time you’re around them is just downright despicable.”

Following their divorce in 2022, Safaree agreed to pay $4,305 per month in alimony. Mena’s post highlighted her ongoing struggle with perceived neglect and lack of financial support from Safaree, despite his public persona of wealth:

“I already have to eat (stuff) how you purposely dress my kids so sloppy and cheap because you know that’s the only thing I’m proud of besides their education. You literally do nothing for them besides CS. You don’t pay for school, you don’t pay for healthcare (yet you claim to sell it), their activities – you don’t do anything to chip in for their birthdays.”

She added: “You literally missed Christmas and Safires birthday this year – the least you could do when you have them is be proud of it and actually put in some effort. You have all this money so you tell the world about it and you have all these diamonds but why when you have kids do they go around looking like this? Didn’t granny and aunty feel the need to grab a comb for your kids, sis?”