Michael Giacchino to release lounge-style film music covers album

Michael Giacchino to release lounge-style film music covers album

Composer Michael Giacchino releases an Exotica-style covers album of his soundtracks for Lost, Speed ​​Racer, the 2009 film Star Trek, Pixar’s Up, Ratatouille, The Incredibles, and other films.

Released by pop culture collectibles company Mutant on 140-gram vinyl and CD, Giacchino’s Exotic Themes for the Silver Screen – Volume 1 will be released on streaming platforms, digital stores and available for pre-order at independent record stores starting July 26. The album features 24 tracks from the themes of the aforementioned films and television shows, as well as several others from the artist’s 25-plus-year career.

“We’re thrilled to release a retrospective of his astonishing three decades as a composer,” said Spencer Hickman, co-founder of Mutant. “But rather than simply compiling a simple collection of his previous work, Michael went back into the studio, rearranged and re-recorded every major theme from his career.” Inspired by lounge stars Martin Denny and Les Baxter, the songs are recorded in an easy-listening style that evokes the kitschy era of ’60s bachelor pads, but also showcases Giacchino’s body of work in a new and unique way.

“These newly recorded themes transport the viewer to a distant sunset, looking out over the ocean, cocktail in hand, providing a much-needed escape from the stress of modern times,” Hickman said.

“Exotic Themes for the Silver Screen – Volume 1” features music from his early video game soundtracks, television hits, and movie blockbusters, reimagined from their original arrangements using instruments such as vibraphones and marimbas, the musical lexicon of the Exotica genre.

“This album was inspired by Lyman and Denny’s work,” Giacchino said. “What would they do with the theme of ‘Star Trek’? Or video games like ‘Medal of Honor’? It was a way to play with the world that I loved so much growing up. I thought it would be cool to create a fantasy world where this album was recorded in 1967 and then disappeared and now it’s back.”

As evidenced by “Enterprising Young Men,” from his rousing score for J.J. Abrams’ 2009 Star Trek reboot, the album showcases Giacchino’s unerring talent for melody, stripping grand symphonies down to their essential elements while preserving their aesthetic and emotional core. Check out the track below:

“So much of it was rooted in a big orchestral sound, so it was really about paring it down,” Giacchino explained. “The real trick is coming up with little, fun hooks and things to add along the way. There were no rules; I was up for anything. It was a way to re-engage with the material and be creative in a new way.”

The first two singles from “Exotic Themes,” “LAX” from Lost and “Married Life” from Up are available on Spotify now. The remaining tracks will be released on streaming platforms on July 26, followed by physical releases from Mutant with cover art by Luke Insect and liner notes from film score expert Charlie Brigden.