Anjem Choudary married Lee Rigby’s killer, court told

Anjem Choudary married Lee Rigby’s killer, court told

Anjem Choudary testified in court that he married one of Lee Rigby’s killers.

The Islamist preacher is accused of leading Al-Muhajiroun (ALM), a banned international terrorist organization that spread a “distorted and perverse view of religion” and proposed the creation of an Islamic caliphate.

Choudary, 57, revealed information about Rigby’s killer while giving evidence in his defence at Woolwich Crown Court.

He was asked why he described the killing, filmed by members of the public outside Woolwich Barracks in May 2013, as “famous” – to which he replied it put the place “on the map”.

Prosecutor Tom Little KC asked: “Have you ever met a murderer?”

Choudary told the court: “I was there when he became a Muslim. I married him. I think that was when he stopped seeing anyone I knew, years before Lee Rigby died.”

He later said “no” when Paul Hynes KC, his barrister, asked him if he had difficulty characterising the killing as murder. “No, I don’t think it was permissible to kill him and I said that at the time,” he told the court.

Rifleman Lee Rigby – PA

His co-accused, Canadian associate Khaled Hussein, sent the message to Choudary on July 16 last year as he was preparing to fly to London to visit him, the court heard.

During the conversation, Choudary asked Mr Hussein: “You’re not too far from Woolwich either – the famous Lee Rigby case,” the court was told.

Choudary denies being a member of ALM and has spoken at meetings urging support for the group.

Mr Hussein, who prosecutors said “idolised and supported him”, has denied being a member of ALM.

The trial continues.

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