Extreme Sisters: Australian twins Anna and Lucy DeCinque explain their relationship with fiancé Ben

Extreme Sisters: Australian twins Anna and Lucy DeCinque explain their relationship with fiancé Ben

Australian twins Anna and Lucy DeCinque’s resemblance is evident in every aspect of their lives – their clothes, their mannerisms and even their shared fiancé Ben, who they have been together for 11 years.

In season 2 Extreme Sisters – which can be watched for free on 9Now – the Perth sisters revealed how the trio manage to maintain an “equal” intimate relationship.

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“There has never been any jealousy in our relationship,” the 36-year-old sisters said in unison.

“Ben treats us equally, he will never kiss Anna and he won’t kiss me,” Lucy explained.

Watch Anna and Lucy explain their relationship with Ben in the video above.

“He just knows that if he ever kisses me, he’ll kiss Lucy again, he just knows it and it’s been the same since day one,” Anna added.

Anna and Lucy confessed their relationship to the hairdresser while getting her hair cut.

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Of course, the hairdresser was visibly shocked by Anna and Lucy’s lifestyle and exclaimed, “This is f…ing crazy!”

She wondered how Anna, Lucy, and Ben maintained their intimate relationship.

“Are they really having sex with the same guy at the same time?”

You can see the hairdresser’s reaction to this strange discovery below:

Anna and Lucy, who claim to be “the most identical couple in the world”, want to marry Ben but cannot because it is illegal in Australia.

“If we could, Ben and I would marry each other if it were possible,” says Lucy.

“There really shouldn’t be a law. It’s completely unfair, we’re being judged,” Anna continues.

The twins don’t want the law to stop them from taking the next step in their relationship with Ben and are considering moving abroad “to celebrate (their) love together.”

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Anna and Lucy met Ben through social media.

After six months of talking, the twins realized they both liked him. At that point, there was only one solution: “Should we just share him?” they explained in a previous episode.

“Thanks to having a boyfriend in common, we can be together all the time,” Anna said.

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The hairdresser wasn’t sure what to make of Anna, Lucy, and Ben’s relationship. (9Now)

Anna and Lucy’s next goal is to get pregnant, as you might guess, at the same time.

However, visits to infertility specialists made the twins realize that fulfilling their dreams might not be possible.

You can find out what’s going on and follow their fertility story in Season 2. Extreme Sisters now available.

Watch Extreme Sisters episodes for free on 9Now.

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