Fans Fear Aoki Lee Simmons’ Brave ‘Dark AF’ Exit From Modeling Industry Is a Cry for Help After Recent Scandals

Fans Fear Aoki Lee Simmons’ Brave ‘Dark AF’ Exit From Modeling Industry Is a Cry for Help After Recent Scandals

Aoki Simmons can finally take a break from her social media fan base. Known for her sassy attitude and clapping back at haters, a series of sensitive Instagram Story posts she posted on July 5 about her modeling career strike a different tone.

Some, however, seem genuinely concerned after the Harvard graduate suggested she was going to step away from the “murky” modeling industry to work on her mental health.

For someone whose sass meter is usually set to 10, the posts came as a shock — and fans believe they were a cry for help following her split from 66-year-old restaurateur Vittorio Assaf.

Model Aoki Lee Simmons is going through a rough patch following her split from restaurateur Vittorio Assaf, 64. (Photos: @aokileesimmons / @vittorioserafina / Instagram)

Aoki posted a photo of herself looking sad and genuinely depressed, writing, “I know a lot, in fact most models go through a lot more, including my mom, but that’s not for me. I’m a private person, I take things personally. I’m honest and open and I take things hard when I feel like I’ve been nice and I’ve received real cruelty (I don’t just mean not taking the job, because that’s life!) but interpersonal cruelty.”

She continued: “I hate to say this (and) I hope I don’t sound ridiculous, but I won’t go back to another fashion week unless I’m mentally prepared for it and feel loved and supported. The last one ruined my mental health.”

Amid a mosaic of grim photos, the 21-year-old reminisces about her controversial and turbulent relationship with a man who is almost the same age as her father.

Less than two weeks after photos of Aoki and Assaf kissing on a vacation in the French Caribbean surfaced online this spring, she and her gray-haired Romeo split. She quickly realized that privacy was a luxury she didn’t have at the moment.

“And then, from this very dark, practically HUNGRY place, I made a bad decision, after being pressured into it for YEARS, and the entire internet (24 million views if I remember correctly) calling me out on it,” she wrote.

Perhaps to avoid the inevitable rumors about her slim figure, she gave fans a peek into her fridge, showing it was fully stocked with Costco cheesy tortellini and organic snacks. “Health is a top priority and no one is going to make me feel like I have to starve myself to be loved again.”

Since the young model and her mother, Kimora Lee Simmons, accused her father, Def Jam founder Russell Simmons, of emotional and financial abuse in 2023, the high-profile online discussion has brought her private life into the spotlight.

After publicly criticizing Simmons for being “totally broke” and joking that she’d get a “sugar daddy” if she didn’t get a bigger allowance, Aoki tied the knot with Assaf in April — leaving millions of internet users scratching their heads in surprise.

Meanwhile, her social media has been flooded with posts criticizing her slim figure, small breasts and speculation that she was taking drugs.

Aoki confidently responded to the controversy by declaring herself a “founding member of the itty bitty titty committee, thank you very much.” She also denied rumors that she used cocaine, stating in the video, “I don’t do cocaine. I just like sugar and I’m a nerd.”

But now, after sharing her feelings so publicly, Aoki has inspired a mama bear to protect herself online, with supportive comments flooding in for the distraught model. “It’s okay, sis! We’ve all been through something that’s tried to break us, but the beauty in this very vulnerable moment is that YOU chose YOU, so the universe will work in your favor,” one fan wrote.

Many advise her to seek professional help, “She’s clearly struggling first with the old man, the issues with Russ! It’s a lot! She needs therapy to work through it! Life is hard.”

One sympathetic comment has nearly 30,000 likes: “Show her grace. She’s finding her way, like we all had to in our 20s, and she’s doing it with an audience.”

However, skeptics still come forward, with one asking, “So modeling made her stop eating and date an older man?!” However, most are just happy that she finally started working on herself and has a full fridge.

“The fact that she posted her food was liberating for her. The fact that she’s feeding off of air and can finally eat whatever she wants must be great,” the IG user concluded.

After turmoil with her father and her 65-year-old ex-husband, Aoki recently moved into her first apartment in New York City while continuing her modeling career.