Argus Leader launches weekly column highlighting upcoming events

Argus Leader launches weekly column highlighting upcoming events

I was 22 when I joined the Argus Leader as editor. It was May 2005, but I quickly learned that I always had to dress as if it were January. I’m pretty sure every newsroom is cold.

I had just graduated from college (as in the leftover graduation cake that was still in the fridge) and on my desk was a fish named Emmie Dash. I was so excited to be there, so proud and full of energy, and that’s how I feel coming back today.

The newsroom was so crowded back then that I had to squeeze into the corner of the nightstand next to Pat Duncan and Nathaniel Cerf and Tim Lyford and Melissa (Ballard) Auen and the late Todd Norden, who would pull menus out of their desk drawers every Saturday night to share takeout in the conference room (which also had a sink and a microwave, and which often hosted surprise weddings and baby showers and anniversaries and farewells).

Angela George

On the Fourth of July we would sneak out to the roof to watch the fireworks, and most nights of the week we would take turns hosting poker nights after reading the first edition of the paper, still warm, around 11:30 p.m. I had a weekly vlog from the city, which was a lot of fun, and my news director at the time, the late and dearest Maricarrol Kueter, let me write a weekly column summarizing ABC’s The Bachelor. It was an absolute blast, I had a byline and incredibly talented editors and a seat at most afternoon meetings. What an honor it is to write for your community.

Today, much has changed for you and me. This community now has experienced journalists who have enthusiastically started many other news platforms for our city and region, while my new colleagues at the Argus Leader continue to proudly stand among these brave publications.

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From what I see in this cozy office, which still looks and smells like any newsroom (there must be a takeout menu somewhere), these reporters are working harder than ever before and supporting each other in a way that only a small team can. No matter the day, the news is there, and I am inspired by this young team. I want to say it out loud: The Argus Leader is still here, and I am honored to join a family that remains committed to its readers and invested in its community.

My goal is to write about the events, culture, and top activities in Sioux Falls. I hope this weekly column will not only encourage you to enjoy these attractions, but also be a way to share why I think it’s important to you, and allow me to immerse myself in this growing culture as much as I want to.

I’ll start with this weekend, when Barb Iverson Skate Park opens, Palisades State Park will open 77 new campgrounds, the zoo will add two new lions, the Washington Pavilion will pay tribute to the Queen, and the downtown area will continue to host the historic food walking tour, which is always a hit with foodies.

A view of Split Rock Creek at Palisades State Park on Saturday, July 23, 2022.

I find it encouraging that the local skate park is welcoming professional skaters, while the local state park has more than tripled in size to allow families to hike and roast marshmallows. Do you really need another kind of weekend to reaffirm how wonderful and thriving your home is? I’m a romantic, and of course there are always some pain points, but our culture here is only getting better because we work together to make it happen.

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What a treasure we have here. Continue!

I am proud to be returning to local journalism and grateful to the editorial family that inspired me 20 years ago. Just as news is a constant in every community, so is a journalist’s unwavering passion for reporting it. Let’s get out there.

if you go

Palisades State Park Reopening: 48422 256th St., Garretson, South Dakota, Open year round.

Barb Iverson Skate Park Opening Weekend: Until Sunday you can find us in Nelson Park at the intersection of 10th Street and Cliff Avenue.

Great Plains Zoo: 805 S. Kiwanis Ave. Summer hours are 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. There are also new meerkats!

Historical walking tour of the city center: Saturdays 1-4pm in downtown Sioux Falls. Cost for a visit to 4-5 venues is $79.

This article originally appeared in the Sioux Falls Argus Leader: Argus Leader launches weekly column to cover Sioux Falls events