Prince Harry to appear in ITV’s ‘Tabloids on Trial’ documentary on hacking scandal

Prince Harry to appear in ITV’s ‘Tabloids on Trial’ documentary on hacking scandal

Prince Harry and Hugh Grant are to appear in a controversial ITV documentary which will investigate the broadcaster’s phone-tapping scandal. Tabloids on trial will analyze the two decades of the scandal, the first accusations of which appeared in 2003.

In addition to the Duke of Sussex and Mr Grant, the document will include statements from Charlotte Church, Paul Gascoigne and other “people who have come into the public eye”.

ITV confirmed the programme will also feature Harry’s first major interview since the conclusion of his high-profile legal case against Mirror Group Newspapers (MGN) in December.

In a significant victory for the prince, a judge ruled that phone tapping had become “widespread and customary” at MGN titles by the late 1990s and that his phone had been hacked “to a moderate degree”, awarding him £140,600 in damages.

According to ITV, the documentary will shed light on Harry’s mission to expose illegal practices in the British tabloid press and will delve into what Fleet Street executives knew when the scandal broke.

The programme is scheduled to air on 25 July as the prince prepares for two more legal battles against publishers. Daily mail AND Sun.

The UK wiretapping scandal concerns illegal information gathering by tabloids between 1995 and 2012. The scandal first came to public attention in 2011, when the bestselling World News was forced to close amid allegations of hacking. The move came after it was revealed that journalists from the Rupert Murdoch-owned tabloid had hacked into the phone of murdered schoolgirl Milly Dowler, intercepting her voicemail and using it in their reporting.

News UK, Rupert Murdoch’s media corporation that also publishes Sunresolved more than 1,600 claims of telephone tapping. Reports suggest that these settlements cost the company around £1 billion.

Against News UK and its competitors who publish Mirror AND Daily mailThe claimants included a number of famous figures, including Prince Harry, Hugh Grant, Liz Hurley, Elton John, Paul Gascoigne and Steve Coogan.

Prince Harry has been particularly active on these issues, engaging in several legal battles with varying degrees of success since 2019. During the trial against Mirror publisher testified how “media meddling” had affected his life and influenced his decision to step back from royal duties.

“As a child growing up, as a teenager, I was subjected to an invasion of the press for most of my life, until today,” he told the court.

He later added: “Some editors and journalists are responsible for causing a lot of pain, upset and in some cases, personally speaking, death.”

Although Prince Harry won his case against the publisher, he is still involved in two other ongoing civil cases. He is one of several plaintiffs in lawsuits against the publishers Daily mail AND Sunalleging illegal information gathering. Court proceedings in both cases are expected later this year.