Angry wife and husband give away niece at wedding after father dies

Angry wife and husband give away niece at wedding after father dies

The internet is full of stories of twists, turns, and surprises in wedding traditions.

A Reddit post has gone viral after describing a man’s plan to give his niece as a wedding gift, but his wife isn’t happy about it. The post by u/GladResorts explains how the original poster (OP) always tried to help his sister after her husband passed away when her daughter was young, sometimes to his wife’s dismay. Now, he wants to give his niece as a gift, and his post asking for advice on the situation has received 17,000 upvotes.

“My niece (26F) is getting married in a month and she wants me to give her away,” the author wrote. “Her father passed away when she was very young… I knew I had an obligation to my wife and children first, but that didn’t mean I couldn’t help my sister and her daughter too.”

Man Gives Daughter As Wedding Gift A Reddit post has gone viral after a man asked for advice on how to give his niece as a wedding gift.

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The author wrote that while his niece was growing up, he tried to be as active as possible in her education. He also often sent money to his sister, and even though it was from his personal account and not from his joint account with his wife, she was not happy.

“This is my individual account, not the joint account my wife and I share, so I have complete freedom to spend it however I want. But my wife knows about it, and we’ve had arguments about it too,” he wrote.

He said his wife found it “weird” that he gave his niece as a gift at his wedding and didn’t want him to do it: “One reason is that we have a daughter who isn’t married yet, and she feels like I’m closer to my niece than my daughter,” he wrote in the comments. “Then,” she said, “symbolically, the fact that I’m going to my niece’s wedding as a father figure, while my sister is there as a mother, she finds it weird.”

People in the comments on Reddit overwhelmingly supported the OP, saying that it seemed like his wife hadn’t communicated any deeper concerns.

“It seems like the OP’s wife is jealous, deeply self-conscious, and has a tendency to assume the worst of others,” one person wrote. “But ultimately, she has deeper issues that she needs to address. The fact that she refuses to acknowledge her unique situation is also troubling.”

“My mom gave my sister away because our dad passed away,” another person wrote. “Seriously, there’s nothing weird about OP walking her niece down the aisle.”

Compromise and communication

Seth Eisenberg, President and CEO of the Practical Application of Intimate Relationship Skills (PAIRS) Foundation, spoke with Newsweek about his interpretation of the situation.

“The wife may feel excluded or insecure because of the strong emotional bond and financial support her husband provides to his niece,” he said. “This can trigger feelings of jealousy or a sense of being second to her husband’s priorities.”

Eisenberg said the special occasion of a wedding could further exacerbate those concerns.

“Weddings often symbolize the unity and union of families, and the wife may see her husband’s role as traditionally being played only by immediate family members,” he said. “This can lead to concerns about boundaries and the overall dynamics within their marriage.”

While Eisenberg noted that the wife’s request was reasonable given the emotional complexity of the situation, he said exploring compromises and communication strategies could help all parties feel seen and heard.

“It is critical for the husband to validate his wife’s feelings while expressing his desire to support his niece during such an important milestone,” Eisenberg said. “The evidence-based relationship skills framework can make a difference…finding a solution that respects the husband’s bond with his niece while addressing the wife’s concerns is key to resolving the conflict harmoniously.”

“By prioritizing empathy, communication and mutual understanding, the husband, wife and niece can work toward a solution that preserves their relationship and honors the importance of the wedding day to everyone.”

Newsweek I reached out to u/GladResorts for comment via Reddit.