Emraan Hashmi Shares His Wife, Parveen’s Family Was Hesitant About Their Marriage Due to His Image

Emraan Hashmi Shares His Wife, Parveen’s Family Was Hesitant About Their Marriage Due to His Image

One of the most famous Bollywood actors, Emraan Hashmi prefers to keep his personal life away from the limelight. In a recent interview, he shared some exciting details about his marriage.

By Saakshi Gupta
Last Updated: Jul 11, 2024 | 19:01:57 IST

Emraan Hashmi is one of the most popular actors in Bollywood. His acting, style and witty interviews often impress the audience. After dating for a few years, the actor married Parveen Shahani in December 2016. Since then, the couple has been happily married and Emraan admits that his wife is understanding despite coming across as a “serial kisser” on screen. Emraan recently appeared on Shubhankar Mishra’s podcast and shared some exciting details about his marriage.

Emraan Hashmi reveals his wife Parveen’s family was not initially supportive of their marriage

In the interview, Emraan revealed that several relatives of his current wife, Parveen, were not in favour of their marriage. The main reason for their hesitation was Emraan’s image as a serial kisser. However, things eventually fell into place and they are now happily married. He was quoted as saying,

“Her family had ‘dikkat’, but in the very beginning. I had a strong image, you know. They were like, ‘Wow, she’s marrying Emraan Hashmi?’ They’d never met me; I’m talking about distant relatives. But eventually, when we met…”

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Emraan Hashmi says his wife has always been a ‘supportive’ partner to him

In the same interview, Emraan shared that his on-screen image was often a subject of debate between him and Parveen. He added that they had different views on the matter. But Emraan added that Parveen was always understanding. Otherwise, he might not have been able to do such roles. Tiger 3 the actor said that she stood by him when he had no money and that he appreciated her very much. In his words:

“We had 18 years of a wonderful, happy marriage. I treasure her in my life and would never leave her.”

Emraan has said that he will never put his career before his relationship with wife Parveen

Emraan enjoys working as an actor, but his relationship with his wife Parveen always comes first. The actor said that he never thought of putting work before marriage. For the uninitiated, the couple has a son, Ayaan Hashmi, who was born on February 3, 2010. The actor said that his work has never suffered due to being a married man. He said:

“In my life, my relationship, my love for her was the priority. My profession was secondary.”

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Work on the front of Emraan Hashmi

On the work front, Emraan was last seen in Tiger 3, co-directed by Salman Khan. He is promoting the release of his web series, Show time remaining episodes. The actor also has a Telugu film, They are calling He OGin his kitty.

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